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Created by Defectus

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After over half a year, from the creator of What It's Like comes a new action-packed map, longer, bigger, and better: Arrendor.

Arrendor tells the story of 18-year-old Erin Carabeen, who has been randomly selected as an agent for Andresite, Co. in order to fight Sappling and save the world. Soon, she finds by mistake a city that was disconnected from the rest of the world for hundreds of years. This city will never be the same again.


  • Master Volume: ON.
  • Jukebox/Note Blocks: ON.
  • Music: OFF.
  • Render Distance: 6+ chunks.
  • Mods and resource packs must be turned off (That includes Forge).
  • Must be played on single player.
  • If you're using Mac, go to options > video settings and set Mipmap Levels to OFF.

Other Info

  • Please credit me if you make a video on this map.
  • If you want to promote the map, link to this page.


  • If the phone appears as a carrot on a stick, please download the map from HERE. If the phone still looks like a carrot on a stick, your graphics card is too old and you need to get a better one to play the map.
  • If the number pad doesn't work, do /trigger skipNumberPad set 1. This is a common bug, I don't know what causes it.
  • If you find any bugs or you can't seem to progress the map for any reason, contact me on Twitter.
  • If all you see is black or white, please download and use OptiFine, and go to Options > Video Settings > Quality and turn Connected Textures to OFF.



  • Fixed a few errors in the dialogue.
  • Fixed the "Trigger not enabled" message.
  • Changed the timing of some messages.
  • Added a few hints.
  • Other minor things.


  • Fixed a possible bug that makes you unable to progress.
  • Fixed being able to break the map at a certain point.
  • Fixed being able to die at a certain point.
  • Fixed the outdated Minecraft version warning not working.


  • Possibly fixed the number pad not working for some people.
  • Fixed being able to lose the phone in the nightmare.
  • Fixed changing the render distance producing the low render distance message.


  • Fixed some particles not appearing.
  • Fixed the minimum render distance being higher than needed.
  • Fixed there being a bug with the voliant.
  • Changed one of the phone screens a tiny bit.


  • Fixed a few bugs that were previously potentially game-breaking.
  • Fixed the end rods in the Snow Globe not turning red.
  • Fixed some of the particles.
  • Fixed a small Z-fighting glitch.
  • The lights in the plane now look less simplistic.
  • Changed a few small bits of the dialogue.
  • The map now won't start if you're not on the right version of Minecraft and/or your render distance is below 6 chunks.


Map Details

Creator: Defectus
(1214 votes)
Version: 1.5
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 218 MB
Added: 2017-06-08
Downloads: 37,097
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Epicrandomhead It got pretty laggy for me, especially during the snowstorm. Maybe it's just because I wasn't using optifine, but whatever.

About the ending, I got some serious chills. We need a part 2 after that cliffhanger.

2018-06-11 05:17

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+2 KhoaGamer1 Help me, all my texture are blacks, my phone is red and i can't see anything else other than those please help!(happened when i use Resource pack, it was normal without it...)

2018-05-27 10:52

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+7 BlokMan This is the best map i ever played, end made me cry :(

2018-04-16 21:51

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+5 WICKEDCRAFTER10 For anyone thinking about playing this map, play it, this is hands down the best map ive have played ever. The ending was so unpredictable and i almost cried, im going to follow the map creator on twitter so i can talk with him about the map and hopefully and future maps he makes

2018-04-15 19:22

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+1 WICKEDCRAFTER10 Bruh the part where we have to neutralize thew device is hard and im stuck on what to do?

2018-04-15 18:51

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+2 rastaman543 This is my first time playing the map so i don't know if this is normal but my phone screen is blank and i can't see anything on it.

2018-04-11 21:42

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0 xTechFusion20x Quoting Brody:

Go to
Download the version you need
Click Mirror
Click the file when downloaded
Go to the Minecraft Launcher
Select Launch Options in the drop down menu
Click the OptiFine profile
And your done.

2018-04-11 11:14

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+3 tobermo05 does anyone know how to make the chat go a bit faster because for me it goes really slow and it is kinda ruining the expierience

2018-03-31 09:43

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0 trackpadder Quoting KaninchenGaming:
Hold STRG+W for some seconds and then SPACE

same for me, I tried the strg+w and space but it didn't work

2018-03-25 13:33

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-1 ronaldOMG hey guys if you no how to get old worlds be cas me i cant be cas i dont no how guys let me pls guys

2018-02-23 02:54

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2018-02-05 23:59

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-1 Greenfire I watched Pat and Jen play this map, and I loved it! I started playing it, and I got to when Eric gives you your uniform in the plane. For some reason, the plane disappeared and I fell to my death in the void. Since I had slept in the bed the night before, I respawned in the apartment, but it was telling me to right click my phone, and I didn't have my phone, and I got confused. I think I will try to redownload it but it was just weird.

2018-01-25 03:17

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+1 Amber_Gem This is so good! Everything is beautiful! All the different animated vehicle-like things are amazing! It was very laggy for me and at first and everything was white until I re-downloaded the map from the other link, but still, it's absolutely brilliant! You seriously need to bring back Bill, I can't believe he actually died! =(

2018-01-02 21:29

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0 ilsje_pilsje i love the map but it keep crashing my minecraft i have redownloaded it and it still keeps crashing at the point where you get in to the water inside the cave please help me

2017-12-29 17:09

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0 MysteryMidnight Quoting HIDERE:
are you ever going to make a part 2? I'm dying to find out what happened to Bill.

I totally agree with you I hope they do

2017-12-25 21:18

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+8 HIDERE are you ever going to make a part 2? I'm dying to find out what happened to Bill.

2017-12-07 09:32

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0 KaninchenGaming Quoting CharDan0508:
when bill told me to make a very high jump, i did it but he didn't talk and i couldn't get off the voliant. what do i do?

Hold STRG+W for some seconds and then SPACE

2017-10-22 16:17

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-1 Defectus Quoting Defectus:
Look under the Disclaimers tab.

I don't have a very good computer. I had lots of problems. I had watched a YouTubers' video before playing it. When Bill was supposed to tell me to close the door, he didn't! Instead, my game crashed and the crash broke the texture pack. Everything looked so wrong. The iron had smiley faces on it! I think a better computer will work better. The broken texture pack made everything look funny though. I hope you can fix it.

2017-10-17 02:41

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+4 stabily This is some next level map making!

2017-10-08 10:54

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2017-09-24 02:47

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0 Night_Rider13 Quoting Anonymously Here:




2017-09-23 13:10

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0 HELP! At the end of the map where you have to fight Icel, i failed so retried and it froze, so I exited out of the map and back in, then i was stuck in a loop without text or anything

2017-09-07 22:23

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0 Night_Rider13 Quoting CharDan0508:
when bill told me to make a very high jump, i did it but he didn't talk and i couldn't get off the voliant. what do i do?

I had the same issue, but it's a simple fix. you will probably think making the high jump is impossible, and Bill wouldn't talk, but just keep going around the training area for a minute or two then jump and it will be super high.

2017-09-07 12:07

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0 JackboneGamerTV Wow! your map is very amazing!!
i loved it!!
but if you have made this map so..
can you make a half life map?
if you will make it..
it will be very very very amazing!!!
who think same me?? ;)

2017-09-07 07:33

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0 Issey09 It was a very good map, could you make a second map like this one ?

2017-08-29 15:45

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0 Caspinator Awesome map! But if youre making one more i would like another theme like jungle rather than ice.

2017-08-28 15:52

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0 TheTrevorTurtle Hello, I made a series on this map. The first episode will be linked below. I hope that this gives the chance for others to check out the map for a sneak peak, to get any help, and to provide the creator with my feedback and feedback from viewers on my channel. Thanks!

Episode 1:

My Channel:

2017-08-26 23:55

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+17 Night_Rider13 Wow. This is by far the best Minecraft map experience ever. The map was emotional and sad and had a great storyline. You deserve some award. This was amazing. Beats any other map I have ever played DEFINITELY. I strongly recommend this map. Thanks, Defectus!

2017-08-25 21:50

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0 .... After Bill said "Let's go buy a shower." I had to leave. I got stuck after rejoining. What do I do?

2017-08-23 23:54

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0 yoongiinfires Quoting CharDan0508:
when bill told me to make a very high jump, i did it but he didn't talk and i couldn't get off the voliant. what do i do?

Are you sure you made the jump correctly? Try again but don't forget to hold your sprint button while flying on it for better velocity, it will make your jump higher than when you're not sprinting. Hope this helped.

2017-08-22 14:06

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