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Light Within

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Map Info

This map is in the BETA stage and is not a final product.

(Recently updated from 1.16 to 1.17 and may contain bugs)

Map Description:

  • Multiplayer Survival - 1 Hunter VS Multiple Survivors
  • Can you survive until the sunrise?

Map Wiki, Setting, and How to play:

Map Requirement:

  • Required 2 or more players to start the match.
  • Must install resourcepack provided to enable full game experience.
    • This can be done with a server setting in 1.17 to force all players to install the pack.

Resourcepack Download: Dropbox

Briefly How to play:

  • After pressing a button to start the match, all players must stand on the green platform to be in the match.
    • Others who weren't on the platform will be in spectate mode.
  • After the hunter chose the character, the match will start.
  • If the hunter eliminates all survivors, the hunter wins.
  • If the survivor eliminates the hunter, the remaining survivors win.
  • If the time ran out before one side is eliminated, the match ended in a draw.
  • For more tutorials, and how to use abilities, please navigate to the wiki.

Map Features:

  • No blood particle, gun, and other violent weapons not suitable for kids.
  • Custom Terror Radius Sound for most hunters.
  • Multiple Hunter choices
  • Survivor Upgrade Villager
  • Survivor Item Shop Villager
  • Trading Villager
  • Vaulting, Dashing, Air Dashing ability, and more...
  • 3D drop item
  • BETA Cosmetic (Currently only for testers)
  • More on the Wiki...

Map Addons:

  • Chapter 1 - Hybrid Genes Chaos: Power up by merging your gene with an animal. (Included)
  • More coming soon...

Special Thanks to:

  • CloudWolf
  • Stevertus
  • SlugGuard
  • ShadowLycan
  • Minecraft Map Review Channel
  • Pumpkin Knight Studio Team

Note: The music and Model used in this resource pack are Copyrighted to DeonHNT and The Studio. Only can be used with Light Within Map related. Such as gameplay video, playthrough and etc.


Full Changelog for Pre-M2 (Release Candidate R1-R14)
+ Fixed the game not resetting properly. [Unable to reset the game with 1.16 logic]
+ Fixed inventory closer logic area to prevent block duplication.
+ Patched offhand item duplication.
+ Fixed most unplaceable hunter's item.
+ Fixed shoes removal glitches.
+ Fixed Ancient Werewolf's armor keep replacing [1.17 mechanics changes]
+ Increased terror radius - phase 4 accuracy
+ Fixed Gear Item reload leaks to all players who previously played The Clockwork.
+ Fixed terror radius sound stopped by 1 tick before playing the next phase music.
+ Fixed world time started before the hunter finished choosing the character.
+ Removed setting for dream snatcher original terror radius.
+ Added logic to remove the hunter's health bar when eliminated.
+ Added a logic to trigger system remover and perform a game reset if there is a player still in the game after the match ended. (Leave during the match and re-joined after the system restarted)
+ Fixed Ancient Werewolf terror radius keep executing to the hunter when transformed.
+ Fixed The Imposter terror radius music plays at the beginning of the match.
+ Fixed The Collector doesn't have a cooldown when attacking a survivor.
+ Remover logic now works faster and more effectively. [BETA]
+ Added more light in Hospital and Factory Map.
+ Fixed Mushroom pot spawn.
+ Fixed boots glitches.
+ Fixed Imposter terror radius glitch when the game started.
+ Fixed Duplicated gear attack item. (When spawn and Assigned)

First Release (Code: Pre-M2-R14)
+ Fixed Invisible Effect status not assigning.
+ Fixed glitches in Gene Modification from faulty assigned status.
+ Fixed Force Adventure mode for new player



2021-07-03 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: DeonHNT
(16 votes)
Map Version: v1.0 Pre-M2
Minecraft Version: 1.17
File Size: 11 MB
Date Added: 2021-07-03
Downloads: 1,743
Map Category: PVP Maps

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