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The Zombie Apocalypse II: Hell's Fury

Created by Bramblestar_

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During the zombie apocalypse, survivors built settlements and fought wars all across the globe to create a new world order.

During this period of time, a group of survivors called "Atlas" got their hands on a nuclear launch code. Once again, the world ended, but this time with a lot less survivors.

The Imperial Empire was one of the few settlements across the world to survive the nuclear blast, and now - 25 years after the nukes fell - they could safely get out of their bunker and start rebuilding; only to be disturbed by Atlas.

As you struggle to survive in this harsh environment, complete side quests to upgrade the Imperial Empire settlement and give them a fighting chance against this new threat.

How far are you willing to go to save what's left of this world?

It is highly recommended that you play The Zombie Apocalypse II before this one.

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Map Details

Creator: Bramblestar_
(49 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 31.7 MB
Added: 2019-03-12
Downloads: 2,260
Category: Survival Maps


+5 liquid this map is OK the only problem about it is that you can just mine the floor and BOOM you have INFINITE diamonds, food, brewing (all you need is a block of water

2019-03-15 09:22

+4 patz100 ive loved and played all of your maps keep it up dude :D

2019-03-13 22:40


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