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The download is for the normal version of the map, if you want more of a challenge then try the hardcore version.

NOTE: The download for this map goes to the official SkyBlock site ( (CURRENTLY DOWN, USING BACKUP LINK)

Map Info:
SkyBlock is one of the most popular minecraft maps ever created. The concept behind the map is very simple; you spawn on a floating island and must survive and complete challenges with the resources available to you.

This map was the original floating island type survival map, and a vast majority of survival maps are based on it.

Note: If you die before sleeping in a bed, it may be impossible to spawn back on the island.

If you would like more information about this map, or wish to contact the creator, then please visit the map's official website, located here: SkyBlock.

Do not purposely jump off the island to regenerate your health.
Do not make a bridge to the mainland.
Play on at least easy difficulty.

1) Build a Cobble Stone generator.
2) Build a house.
3) Expand the island.
4) Make a melon farm.
5) Make a pumpkin farm.
6) Make a reed/sugarcane farm.
7) Make a wheat farm.
8) Make a giant red mushroom.
9) Craft a bed.
10) Make 64 stone brick's.
11) Make 20 torches.
12) Make an infinite water source.
13) Craft a furnace.
14) Make a small lake.
15) Build a platform 24 blocks away from the island, for mobs to spawn.
16) Make 10 cactus green dye.
17) Make 10 mushroom stew.
18) Craft 10 Jack 'o' lanterns.
19) Craft 10 bookcases. (As of Minecraft 1.3, crafting bookcases is only possible if cows spawn on your island)
20) Make 10 bread.
21) Collect 10 Ender-pearls.
22) Cook 10 fish.
23) Craft 10 Black Wool.
24) Craft 10 Gray Wool.
25) Craft 10 Light Gray Wool.
26) Craft 10 Lime Green Wool.
27) Craft 10 Red Wool.
28) Craft 10 Yellow Wool.
29) Craft 10 Pink Wool.
30) Craft 10 Green Wool.
31) Craft 10 Orange Wool.
32) Craft 10 Snow Golems.
33) Craft 20 Paintings.
34) Build and light a nether portal.
35) Craft 5 Gold Ingots.
36) Craft 16 Glass Panes.
37) Collect 50 birch logs.
38) Collect 64 arrows and craft a bow.
39) Craft 10 stone buttons.
40) Craft 30 stone slabs.
41) Craft 10 signs.
42) Craft 20 ladders.
43) Craft 20 fences.
44) Craft 20 fence gates.
45) Craft 10 levers.
46) Craft 10 trapdoors.
47) Craft 10 stone pressure plates.
48) Craft 10 wooden pressure plates.
49) Collect 64 bonemeal.
50) Craft 20 cobblestone stairs.

This map was made in Minecraft 1.4.7, it's important to play on the same Minecraft client version. Learn how to change your minecraft version in our guide.

Need help installing? Read our map installation guide.

Author: Noobcrew
Map Version: 2.1
Minecraft Version: 1.4.7
Size: 2.01 MB
Downloads: 640118


MAAAAd Maaaan
0 #134 MAAAAd Maaaan 2014-07-28 18:07
How do you get the obsidian and gold?
0 #133 Efialths 2014-07-28 11:46
what is better than playing skyblock map? playing it with shaders mod!
+1 #132 coydguy123 2014-07-21 17:23
Great map, i really had fun playing it!
-4 #131 squidplumber 2014-06-28 18:56
[quote name="R_Racoon" ]I was very close to the end of all achievements and i needed a little bit of cobblestone and i putted block on my lava so it dissapeard.
P.S:That was nooby do the creative thing to get it back
+2 #130 squidplumber 2014-06-28 18:55
if anyone needs hep from me quote this comment and ask a question and ill quote u back and answer it!
+1 #129 squidplumber 2014-06-28 18:54
Quoting MarioAndSonic15:
I love this map so much. but is there real land if you go off to far? Please tell me.

there is real land! look up on youtube people who do that! key words are how to find the real world in skyblock on minecraft
+5 #128 squidplumber 2014-06-28 18:51
Quoting Ralfh:
Pretty Hard but Challenging Map. Do Friendly/Hostile Mobs spawns in the island? how?

the hostile mobs spawn on the bridge to the sand island and on the sand island. you need alot of grass to make the friendly mobs spawn
0 #127 squidplumber 2014-06-28 18:49
Quoting CardsRock12:
When all of my leaves disappeared, I still had no saplings. How do I get some? Are they on an island somewhere?

dude u have to re download the map or cheat in creative
+4 #126 squidplumber 2014-06-28 18:48
im a noob so i have two copies one is on peaceful and the other on easy. (im mostly using the one on easy)
-2 #125 R_Racoon 2014-06-27 10:55
I was very close to the end of all achievements and i needed a little bit of cobblestone and i putted block on my lava so it dissapeard.
P.S:That was nooby.
-2 #124 CardsRock12 2014-06-26 04:42
When all of my leaves disappeared, I still had no saplings. How do I get some? Are they on an island somewhere?
-3 #123 KalebSearle 2014-06-19 09:57
Sorry for inactivity on this site, I have read some things.

You can not turn obsidian into lava.

You must restart the map.

Heres how to get creative mode!

1: Press ESC, 2: Press "Open To Lan" Turn It To Creative Then Press Done.
+7 #122 Ralfh 2014-06-11 07:21
Pretty Hard but Challenging Map. Do Friendly/Hostil e Mobs spawns in the island? how?
+29 #121 roby 2014-05-17 20:35
Old but gold!
brady boy
+11 #120 brady boy 2014-05-16 13:15
love this map just finished it wow it was awsome WOW

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