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Custom SkyBlock

Created by Krixiz

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Map Info

Can you survive on a single tree?

This map features a lobby, quests, advancements and custom recipes!!

  • Only play on 1.13+
  • If you play with friend don't forget to open Allow Cheats!

Good luck completing all achievements!

To report any bugs, please contact:


You will be spawn in a world with 1 tree and 1 dirt.

You have to complete all achievement by pressing "L".

The first achievement will be appear after you breaking a wood block.

All achievement will guide you.

You'll receive a book name "Advance book".

Right click it to visit Recipe Room and Emergency Sapling.

Update without resetting is now compatible!

To update without reset:

  • 1. You'll see a file name (Update without reset)
  • 2. Copy 3 files and paste it in your world in v3 or v4 (datapack/customrecipe/data)
  • 3. After you have done all this step run command /function update:runcommand
  • 4. Finish update Good Luck!



  • Achievement bug fixed.
  • Flint can be smelt.
  • Update without resetting your map is now compatible (V3 - V4 only)


  • Changed Height of island (Before > 30, After > 80).
  • Fixed iron recipe (Easily crafting).
  • Added new recipe (Phantom Spawn Egg, Villager Spawn Egg, Shulker Spawn Egg) (More sapling).
  • Added Hardcore mode (Removed difficulty selection).
  • Added Scoreboard Death Count, Health, Level for normal mode.
  • Added Scoreboard Health, Custom Scoreboard for hardcore.
  • Added new advancement.
  • Fixed advancement bug.
  • New map logo.


  • Fixed that you can't go back to your island when going to recipe room.
  • Added Advancements.
  • Fixed the lava recipe.
  • New recipes added.


  • Added Lobby.
  • Added more bonemeal.
  • Added new Custom Recipe (Bone + sapling to obtain more bonemeal).
  • Added new Biome: Forest (Fixed that monsters don't spawn in void biome).
  • Added Emergency Sapling! (You can turn on at lobby).
  • Added Recipe Room. (Easier than opening your book and searching).

Map Details

Creator: Krixiz
(514 votes)
Version: 5.0
MC Version: 1.13.1
Size: 1.4 MB
Added: 2018-09-29
Downloads: 58,904
Category: Survival Maps


+20 Authentic 01 how i make sand?

2019-01-07 18:05

+9 ArinMatei Nevermind I understood how to do that.
This map is go good, I love it and is so easy to survive at early

2019-01-06 22:43

+8 Komodo What does the difficulty setting effect, mobs?

2019-01-04 01:53

+3 DarkSup Ok, i'm in recipe room, when i pressing "go back to island" button, i'm falling 5-6 blocks
And it tooks my HP
How can i change my place of appearance in my island?

2018-12-23 05:32

+5 unaspekkkable Quoting Chavery:
How do you get the recipes? When I hit a button for it, it just shows up as question marks..

open the chat and place the mouse over the question marks and it should show you the thing that you need

2018-12-18 23:33

+10 Mayver HOW to Craft Blue DUY

2018-12-08 23:56

+4 enderman no have more saplin how get more?

2018-11-28 23:09

+5 enderman Quoting Neaker:
How can i get a bucket of lava

Torch - Torch - Torch
Torch - Bucket - Torch
Torch - Torch - Torch

Bucket empty no water

2018-11-28 23:08

+1 Chavery How do you get the recipes? When I hit a button for it, it just shows up as question marks..

2018-11-25 22:22

+1 Liktasyr I cannot get other saplings starting from oak sapling. Removed?

2018-11-24 11:48

+4 Djoser Quoting Krixiz:
blue dye instead of lapis

how do i get blue dye

2018-11-22 13:54

+4 CherryDoughnut How do you get nether quartz? I don't see it in the recipe room.

2018-11-21 03:05

+4 JamesLun Update without reset feature is so good
Keep up the good work!

2018-11-18 05:21

+2 Bufy2000 I can't craft Blue Dye

2018-11-16 19:57

+5 Julight25 a recipe of blue dye?

2018-11-15 11:12

0 Lorena Hello! How can i take a brick? To make an iron?

2018-11-14 18:02

+3 LeoBlock95 Cobblestone? How?

2018-11-12 14:57

-1 matteo how do you change the earth and the stone in sand and gravel?

2018-11-12 14:10

+4 YakRancher How do you use the recipe room to make things?

2018-11-09 17:04

+4 Sandra Quoting Krixiz:
blue dye instead of lapis

Light blue dye

2018-11-01 16:24

+6 Sandra How do you get blue dye?

2018-10-29 22:09

+5 Sevepagge05 can you fix its more easy to fix spider eye?

2018-10-28 08:06

+5 pedro very good

2018-10-27 22:02

+5 MrFingerss How do I get bricks to make some iron ingots, please? I didn't find any recipe,,,

2018-10-27 20:15

+5 MrFingerss How do I get bricks to make some iron ingots?
I didn't find the recipe.

2018-10-27 19:34

+5 Cobblestone HI I can't transform dirt in to cobblestone, is were anyone how have the same problem, and if what did you do?

2018-10-25 16:52

+5 Milly Quoting Krixiz:
Dirt is near the button where you go back to island

I click the button but it doent tell me how to get dirt :(

2018-10-25 14:33

+4 Milly Quoting NamNanhNung:
in Advance Book xD

I looked and I cant find it :(

2018-10-25 14:30

+3 Kris great so far but still needs a few recipes like :
Leather (maybe make use of rotten flesh. Reg coal recipe for Ore crafter achievement. Ghast or Ghast tears, and Mushrooms Brown/red.

2018-10-25 11:14

+7 raz good map the diamond is wit liget blue day not lapis and you cant gat as mach spider eye it need to ceanged becuse spider eye us a killing drop so it to hard to get lood of hop you will fix it

2018-10-22 19:43


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