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2D Survival!

Created by The Spyrexian


Map Info

In this unique survival map, you're tasked with surviving in a claustrophobic map.

Explore and conquer dungeons and caves. Mine, dig and fight your way through two action-packed themes while searching for chests that give important supplies and items that give your everything from seeds to build a farm - to an enchantment table with bookshelves.

Beware of the night! As monsters won't hesitate to ruin your home and the such tight fighting areas, fights can turn into desperate escapes.

The map gives your a near-infinite height limit, so layering your home is advisable to maximize the space given to you. The world awaits exploration, download to experience a challenge different from most.


A large, 2D world with biomes.

Dungeons and caves packed with monsters and loot

Fun potential for a multiplayer experience


Must be played in Hard mode

Survival mode

No Creative

No exploitation of map

Have fun

Have fun and enjoy!

If you'd like to assist me in making maps in the future, please contact my email.


Made for Minecraft 1.13.1

2D Survival!

(23 votes)
Creator: The Spyrexian
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.1
Size: 420 KB
Added: 2018-10-12
Downloads: 1,911
Category: Survival Maps


+1 Yolwoocle This is a nice map, even if some points could be improved. I was also wondering, would you like to collab with me to make a map ? Since you wrote that you're searching for people to collab... If you're interested, send me a message on twitter !

2018-10-17 05:37

+1 ItsEnderYT btw you need to make it bigger and make a end and nether accessable and this map should have 1 extra wider so we can move easyer most 2d survival have that but it is still 2d

2018-10-15 07:50

-1 ItsEnderYT you cant stop us choosing normal or easy your rules are powerless im afraid even if you lock it i can change it

2018-10-15 06:59

+1 Rolf this map is cute!

2018-10-15 00:12

+1 Mewion The way the world is built does remind me a lot of Terraria's world gen system, I'm guessing it was inspired by that.

2018-10-14 19:13


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