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RageQuit Parkour

Created by JJCunningCreeper

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RageQuit Parkour is a challenging Minecraft parkour map consisting of 20 Levels. The objective is fairly straightforward: To complete all 20 Levels without ragequitting or to get as far as you can without ragequitting. Not only will your parkour capabilities be tested, but your persistence, determination and patience will be challenged as well. Will you be able to complete all 20 Levels? How far will you go before you ragequit? See for yourself!

This map is intended for Minecraft Version 1.9.2+. Please do not play this map with any older versions! The map is also multiplayer compatible so you can play/rage along with other players.

This map is fairly lengthy and is intended to be challenging. It starts off easy, but progressively gets much more difficult. I've had players test out this map for me during production, and I would like to give a huge shoutout to them (too many to list). Hopefully, you won't run into too many issues while playing.

To begin your jump journey of rage, you need to accept the Terms and Conditions on the back wall simply by walking on the pressure plate under the green entrance.

Good luck and have fun to all you courageous parkourers who intend to face this challenging and difficult parkour map.


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Creator: JJCunningCreeper
(429 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9.2
Size: 11.98 MB
Added: 2016-09-09
Downloads: 10,830
Category: Parkour Maps


+5 Zimo I like it,i think it is beautiful but also hard for me :(

2017-02-03 14:14

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+5 JJCunningCreeper Quoting JohnOaklyjohn:
Great map. Has it's parts where it's confusing as where to go. Difficult, but doable.

Thanks very much for the kind words and feedback.
My intention was to allow players to observe and determine the correct path for themselves.
I realise that I've made this map incredibly challenging and also fairly vague in regards to direction. This is called RageQuit Parkour after all. If one's managed to complete this entire map legitimately, I'd be very impressed.
When I have time to work on another map, I'll take these factors into consideration, re-evaluate and develop accordingly.

On a side note, thanks so much for over 5,000 total downloads! I really appreciate all the support!

2016-10-22 14:24

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+4 JohnOaklyjohn Great map. Has it's parts where it's confusing as where to go. Difficult, but doable.

2016-10-20 22:54

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+7 jjcunningcreeper Quoting skids vids gaming:

Thank you! ^-^
I will try to make more maps when I have time!

2016-10-05 17:40

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2016-09-25 15:05

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+4 ZombieHunter123 And thats what killed me the lag!! your map so big its lag!

2016-09-20 12:25

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+4 ZombieHunter123 Too easy for me
death XD

2016-09-20 12:18

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+6 sepiG gaming ok im soooo raging right now! why did you make this! for the love of god some of the levels are such big TROLLS! it isnt the parkour thats hard so youll rage,its the length! so few checkpoints and so many JUMPS!
great map tho i loved it lol

2016-09-14 17:21

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+6 JJCunningCreeper Quoting marcogamer82:
there is a map very very beautiful 5 stars for this map

Thank you very much! ^-^

2016-09-12 13:00

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+6 JJCunningCreeper Quoting robot275:
Great map, even if very hard :(

Thanks very much ^-^
And yes, the map is supposed to be hard, but it's going to test your parkour capabilities

2016-09-12 12:59

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+8 robot275 Great map, even if very hard :(

2016-09-11 15:31

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+8 marcogamer82 there is a map very very beautiful 5 stars for this map

2016-09-10 14:33

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