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Parkour Masters

Created by JGUR6275

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Begin your parkour training with this simple, and easy, parkour challenge. By the end, you will become a parkour master!

There are 4 levels you must beat. The Overworld, a beginner stage, where you should complete it in minutes.

The Desert level comes next, with an upgraded level of difficulty, which may take longer than before.

After that comes the Nether stage. If are able to beat that without raging, I will be impressed.

Once that anger inducing level is complete, you must face The End. This stage will make you flip, with only one checkpoint in the middle and the rest is up to your luck, or you skills.

Good Luck...


Made for Minecraft 1.12

Parkour Masters

Creator: JGUR6275
Map Category: Parkour Maps
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.12
File Size: 243 KB
Date Added: 2017-07-23
Downloads: 8,296

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