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The Polaroid

Created by MoondustBri

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It's your first morning in a new town. The town seems a little strange but at least you found a Polaroid Camera. Is it the town that seems odd, or is it the Polaroid?


  • Many Interactive Points all around the map.
  • Lots of jump-scares and loud sounds.
  • Not for the faint of heart.
  • The Asphyxious CustomPack (16x16) made by Asphyxiousis is the recommended resource pack to use.
  • Gameplay time: 15 - 25 Minutes
  • Warning: There is a tiny glitch, subtitles may repeat themselves & You may be teleported twice.


  • Do not change gamemode, stay in Adventure Mode.
  • Do not grief or exploit map.
  • Please take your time with the map, rushing can cause confusion.
  • Don't press F5.
  • Please give credit to map makers and texture pack creators.
  • If you record, include credit & Map Link.
  • Single Player Recommended but you may try Multiplayer.


  • Brightness: Moody Chunks : 10
  • Graphics : Fast
  • Master Volume : 100%
  • Music : OFF
  • Particles : All

Map Creators

MoondustBri, ResSteel, Panda, Yarnisa, Zer0, Faith.

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Map Details

Creator: MoondustBri
(478 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 15 MB
Added: 2018-01-07
Downloads: 13,727
Category: Horror Maps


+1 Salem I was honestly expecting more than what I got. I though you had to take pictures with the camera to be able to see or what not. One thing I think could change, is the chat. It's sort of annoying walking around and see the text pop up all the time. I went through the dialoge with the new neighbour twice, because I walked out of the house when I was done, and it restarted. It's not a big deal, but it would make the map a little bit smoother to go through.

The idea behind this map is really cool, and it has great potential!

2018-03-02 09:26

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-2 Luna Quoting KURQAC:

Yes it can its just not recommended the chat would repeat sometimes but it works like normal bc singleplayer it also repeats have fun!

2018-02-21 22:33

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0 DieMuuhKuh It was realy nice, but to short.

2018-02-17 15:47

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-24 Mw_Z a map that does not deserve even zero

2018-02-17 14:01

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2018-02-09 17:32

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+5 HudinioGaming Hey there. I really enjoyed this map. The jump scares were incredibly timed, and caught me off guard with each one. I did feel that it jumped around a bit too much, but overall a good map. I especially loved the design of the village. I made a video of a play through if you are interested.

2018-01-29 10:32

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-1 Yo Tengo Made a video. This map scared the heck out of me ;v;

2018-01-25 21:05

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-2 SevereIntrovert Nothing happens in the game, there are little to know directions, the few jump scares are either glitchy or badly placed. The story line is so short if written well it could be a spooky paragraph, but as a playable story... I never knew what was going on and was still waiting for the story to start when it was over.

2018-01-24 16:54

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0 FromTurkey Don't press F5. okay :)

2018-01-22 11:54

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+4 SassyAngel Awesome map! I really like short horror maps like this one. It wasn't scary to me, but it really made me laugh! I uploaded the vid if you are interested in checking it out! :D thanks!

2018-01-19 03:43

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0 Sal How can i turn on the Polaroid Camera?

2018-01-15 17:26

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+1 tracerut Quoting KURQAC:

Yes, read the notes

2018-01-15 16:55

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-8 smitty warmenjanker this map is so unfinished and the end is not clear. 2.22794465/10

2018-01-15 00:42

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+1 Fallen__Legend Hello! Great job on the map. It had a unique and original story. jumpscares were also not annoying like some other horror maps so I enjoyed that. Only con I currently can comeup with is that the scenes go quite fast. So overall good map :)

2018-01-14 19:34

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-2 GalaXiesGamer ...
This map is the only horror map that I didn't know what to do in it..

2018-01-14 12:21

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-2 Apewoks This horror map was fun ! Bravo !

2018-01-13 09:37

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-1 Eltrollino here is my video, too much edition but its very good i think:

2018-01-13 01:09

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+3 XD_Azad4Ever im playing at 3 am :D

2018-01-12 01:45

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-2 Tobias it spawns on the finish area...

2018-01-10 14:37

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0 BokChoyWithSoy Hey There, I made a video for your map :

Honestly the made was pretty good, the jumpscares we're evenly paced out and none seemed forced for a cheap scare. Nice work on the map!

2018-01-10 08:38

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+3 KingAmo How to tell if a map is a horror map.
1. It says it's a horror map.
2. It warns you about jumpscares.
3. Always begins with flavor text after the download button
4. The map name begins with "The"

2018-01-10 02:08

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2018-01-09 19:29

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+2 CrazyCowMM I made a playthough of this map if any of you are interested in watching that

2018-01-08 03:26

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