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The Apartments

Created by TheMadness

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You were waiting for your girlfriend at your house, it's your anniversary. You cooked a lot of exquisite things.. but waiting for her something happens. There is no one in that building... or is there?


  • Set music to 0%
  • Set brightness to 40%
  • Set fov to 40/60

TheMadness, andreavaiuso@hotmail.com
Twitter: @Vaiuso
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Warning: This is an horror map.

Be sure your texture pack is working before play.

1.0: First release


Map Details

Creator: TheMadness
(844 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 21 MB
Added: 2016-02-18
Downloads: 47,343
Category: Horror Maps


+7 Ludocrafter We wait long enough for part 2... where is part 2 ???

2017-07-12 18:23

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0 hhhe why i cant put the fuse into dat box?

2017-07-02 07:53

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+17 MiniProPvp Can i play 2player

2017-03-17 09:51

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+3 girlcat This map has a very frightening atmosphere is obvious because it is a map of terror in addition to feeling that someone is following you gives you chills imagine that in real life

2017-02-06 16:27

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+6 Majopo Great map! Really loved it!
But where is part 2?!?!

2017-02-03 12:26

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+3 Kenridge Koala when is part 2 coming out?

2016-10-15 08:43

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+4 vdplsjgmwsd how many ppl is it for? and where are the settings like gamemode and stuff have not played it yet but me and my friend r going to play it now

2016-09-03 17:46

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+1 Pengu My friend and I spawn outside it, and CANT find the entrance.

2016-08-29 01:35

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+1 xXGalaxyGodessXx Great map! had to re-download it once but it was great! cant wait for ep. 2!

2016-08-19 02:56

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+1 DrzniJernej29 This map is very cool, where is number 2

2016-07-08 13:04

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+3 Smile Quoting Giannis09:
It will be in the next map (The apartments 2)

Oh, oops. I kinda went into gamemode c and made my own fuse. :( Sorry. P.S Please no strong language in other maps.

2016-07-03 22:40

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+3 Giannis09 Quoting Smile:
Where's the third fuse???

It will be in the next map (The apartments 2)

2016-06-30 16:40

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+2 Smile Where's the third fuse???

2016-06-27 06:36

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+2 kostas1348 This map was really creepy and the plot was also good! Thank you for your great map!

2016-06-15 08:23

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+1 Gaara406 I did a playthrough of this map and honest to god...it was sooo scary, I can't wait for the next chapter in this series!

2016-05-11 04:21

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+1 MagmaSideGaming When is number 2 coming out?

2016-05-02 12:09

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+2 Danny I can't knock on Mr Johnsons door. Why?

2016-04-29 19:35

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-2 Horror_12 this map is strange lights gone, cignal gone and neighbours gone

2016-04-17 00:29

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+1 YingsIcy It is a very nice map and i love it.
the 3D-resources pack is amzing!
I just play it and i will post the video on youtube tomorrow
just notice you and hope you enjoy~

2016-04-14 09:56

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0 GameKillerzCrew Got the key for the abandoned apartment but wouldn't open the door. Stuck now. :(

2016-04-10 19:16

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0 LoganGamez Quoting MistProphecy:
I'm so sad because this is such an amazing map, yet it won't work correctly. I got the fuse from my car, but the fuse box won't take it from me. I've seen other people's work in playthroughs but mine won't. I really REALLY wanted to play the whole map :(

The same thing happened to me, but I re-downloaded the map, and it worked fine afterword.

2016-04-07 02:30

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+3 MistProphecy I'm so sad because this is such an amazing map, yet it won't work correctly. I got the fuse from my car, but the fuse box won't take it from me. I've seen other people's work in playthroughs but mine won't. I really REALLY wanted to play the whole map :(

2016-04-02 16:26

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-1 Raiden1011 This was an AMAZING map! I did a lets play on it and I thought it did great!

The lets play- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsegV9xRpHk

2016-03-29 03:05

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+15 Jade_Jaaaade Is this map Multiplayer?

2016-03-27 13:47

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-4 Amanda Great map! I didn't encounter any of the bugs some others did. Can't wait for episode 2!

2016-03-24 03:29

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-7 LGamer_1255 I WHIMPPED OUT! i really cant do it in a second il upload it to the public #Youtube! LATER so yea make sure to watch my 5 MINUTE VID!

2016-03-23 05:36

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0 Ruby Please help me. After going down to the concierge and went to Mr Johnsons door, but I can't knock it. I've seen some gameplays and they can do it, why not me?

2016-03-19 16:31

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-1 SteleWolf I played this map over on my channel if you could check it out!

2016-03-16 11:56

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-1 endimer i didnt know that i had to hold the first fuse before i went back into the basement i think the map is broken

2016-03-15 22:09

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-1 Jenbah After going down to the concierge and reading the key log book, when I go up to Mr Johnsons door it doesn't do the 'knock knock' like I've seen on people's videos.
Have I done something wrong or is this a glitch?

2016-03-15 10:08

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