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Midnight Madness

Created by Cloud_Wolf external

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Map Info

You wake up in your house late at night. No one seems to be home but you're far from alone.

Using some of the most advanced animations and mechanics possible, this map is both perplexing and puzzling in its unique approach to psychological tricks and techniques.


  • 20+ Custom 3D models
  • MANY detailed animations and effects
  • Immersive directional audio effects
  • Complex and innovative story techniques
  • More mechanics and details than most will notice

Additional Info

This is a SINGLE PLAYER map and can't be run on a multiplayer server. It will not if you try to.

Lots of features are left hidden for you to discover so be patient and try to think logically.

If you click something and it doesn't do anything try clicking it from another angle, the notification range is somewhat larger than the hitbox.

If you make video, please leave a link so I can see it.


Map Details

Creator: Cloud_Wolf external
(40 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.1
Size: 5.2 MB
Added: 2019-05-16
Downloads: 5,227
Category: Horror Maps

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+2 Soouupz I haven't played this yet but that description really reminds me of Persona 3

2019-05-19 09:27

+2 JingErr47 This is my first time playing horror maps.Its was so scary until i did not finish the map.But good job of making it.

2019-05-19 08:44

+6 Slendermancraft how the hack u create a moving light source without optifine 1.14?! how!!?

2019-05-19 04:48

0 Johnny boi Great map! You did a great job with creepy features. Loved the custom models and everything. I liked the thing at the end with spectator mode and flying into a certain "someone" ;) Great work

2019-05-18 19:54

0 Wasa Awesome map! I'm stuck in a book puzzle.

2019-05-18 11:21

-3 sergan Pls dont do annoying loud sounds like the clock whos always ticking. apart from that a very good map

2019-05-18 08:01

+2 Jus This map was really good and sscary i played it with my friend and we like it so much is there a Midnight v2.0 comming ?
Thx for this map again it was awesome

2019-05-18 01:01

0 xTheOrcunPower I got both keys a wrench a screwdriver, three books and a note....but do I have to unlock the chests? if so how?

2019-05-17 22:27


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