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Created by CmdBlockPL/CraftCast

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TowerHour is a tower defense minigame with elements of RTS in which players fight against each other!

Think fast, manage your economy, send units and expand your city to be the last one with your castle standing!

Invite friends and see who's the best!

The game supports 2 - 4 players at a time (the rest will spectate). You can choose from 9 different, beautifully made maps (3 themes with 3 different sizes each) to play on.

Try different strategies, use spells to gain advantage or destroy your enemies by a sheer number of your units coming at them.

Use your gold wisely to create buildings or spawn units to keep yourself afloat. Decide where and when to place your towers, villages and shrines!

When you get bored, there are many ways to adjust the game, check out "Advanced settings" in the lobby to rebalance the game on your own for a completely fresh experience.

Right now TowerHour supports following languages: English, Polish, Arabic, German, Hebrew, Korean, Dutch, Romanian, Swedish and Chinese.

If you want to contribute to our project and translate the map to different languages that are not listed above you are free to do so. If the translation will be good enough we will add it to the official resourcepack. Just visit our project page on PlanetMinecraft.

If you have Minecraft Realms you can download this map directly from the mini-game category in server options!

To be up to date with our future project you can follow our blog.


Made for Minecraft 1.12.2


Creator: CmdBlockPL/CraftCast
Map Category: Game Maps
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
File Size: 26 MB
Date Added: 2017-11-10
Downloads: 3,220


0 LolBomer I really want to know what music the noteblocks are playing, it sounds very familiar but I can't put a name to it.


2018-02-11 08:31

0 The_Xray The signs make no sense, I think they are broken.

2018-01-30 16:50

-8 KingOfTheSlimes I really wanted to play this, I got it running, but my friends cant join, if you want to make a game that REQUIRES 2-4 atleast do a tutorial how to connect with others

2017-12-02 06:13

+4 Rogue_Baron Quoting hi there:
hi there this looks like a sweet looking map. but my only question is: can you play it in single player?

Sorry this is 2 players and up.

2017-11-25 01:40

+2 hi there hi there this looks like a sweet looking map. but my only question is: can you play it in single player?

2017-11-16 03:21

-4 TheKeeperXBlack So is it 1 player is start

2017-11-14 09:02

+25 Lasse What is the texture pack can you link it?? i really need it

2017-11-13 08:55

-3 NinjaMaster909 I know it says 2-4 players, but is it at all playable with one player? It looks really fun, but I don't really have anyone to play with.

2017-11-12 20:41

+1 McTsts Well made map, seems like a good concept, but we gave up after ~1.5 hours (all 4 players at full health) because we all just were at ~10k gold and there was no way to win anymore (even when the 2 players with the most gold teamed up on another) and it started lagging as well. Also, there was some confusion on what which thing does (I joined just before we started, so I don't know if there are more tips in the lobby), might be helpful to add some information for each thing in the lore. Also, I was able to place 2 things (towers I think) in one spot (or that's what it seemed like because 2 health bars where exactly in the same spot, and depending from the direction you'd look at it you'd either see one with full health or 1 with 1/2 health). All of that happened on the version available on Realms. Music was nice but got repetitive since it took so long.

2017-11-11 03:30


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