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World Drop

Created by AsianPlaneBoi

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Map Info

Welcome to World Drop! This is a dropper map created with no mods or plugins, and made for minecraft 1.13.2

Try to land in the water located at the bottom of each level without dying or touching a certain block!

These are skinny droppers, as you are only able to move left and right as you are dropping very quickly. Some of these fun levels may include dimensions, biomes, places and even special effects! While some of these levels may be pretty difficult, all of them are possible to complete!

I hope you enjoy this World Drop map! Try not to cheat... good luck and have fun! :D


Map Details

Creator: AsianPlaneBoi
(195 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 705 KB
Added: 2019-04-27
Downloads: 11,563
Category: Dropper Maps


0 ObtainableVideos I played it and uploaded a video onto youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vuy0uIQpws8&feature=youtu.be

2019-07-06 22:35

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-1 wannouII the map was fun but too short I finished in 17.58m with 0 game quit

2019-06-12 21:07

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+2 Dakota C I didn't like the blindness, but I beat the map and loved it otherwise!

2019-06-01 01:34

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+5 Thunder Gabe Nice map, it was very hard but the levels were short enough that I never felt like it was impossible :D. Good Job. I made a video on your map on my channel if you search " Thunder Gabe world drop " you should be able to find my video.

2019-05-01 00:30

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+4 Akame What's name of the resource pack in the 3rd picture
nice work and nice map!!

2019-04-29 20:14

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