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Created by AntiPockets

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Map Info

SkyRogue is an Adventure / CTM map Made by AntiPockets, inspired off Islands of Junara by Madgoblin.

This map includes:

  • A Massive Overworld
  • Over 180 Custom Items/Armor/Potions/Currencies
  • Custom Shops and Side-Quests
  • Custom Nether and End, with Custom Items and Side-Quests


Map Details

Creator: AntiPockets
(243 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 19.1 MB
Added: 2018-09-22
Downloads: 14,560
Category: CTM Maps


+5 AntiPockets Quoting Mewion:
This doesn't HAVE to be played in 1.8.9 does it?

I don't think it has to be played in 1.8.9.
The only commands used are /tp, /setblock, and /gamerule. I think it would just fine for 1.13 or above if you would like to play it in that version.

2018-09-24 04:20

-2 Mewion This doesn't HAVE to be played in 1.8.9 does it?

2018-09-23 15:39

+2 stromosso why does the first section of the map have to explode?

2018-09-23 13:45

+5 FleddyFlint Great map, lots of stuff to do in it!

2018-09-23 11:11

+1 Thunder_Atlas The map is massive, with many islands and many items. There are also these plants you can find around the world and trade with.
I would recommend playing this with some mates rather than alone, but is still fun to play on your own. (I am playing by myself and am enjoying it.)
If you enjoy Sky Survival 2.0, you will love this map, they are very alike.

2018-09-23 07:39


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