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Varenburg Stadium

Created by Arniboy13

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Map Info:
Welcome to my new soccer stadium. It includes the stadium, a parking garage, a railway Station, a Highway, a bus Station, a subway station and several shops.

As soon as possible I will add some more details to it. I hope you'll like the map, have fun ! :)

Instagram: Nick96894

Map built by Arniboy13.


Map Details

Creator: Arniboy13
(304 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 21 MB
Added: 2016-02-18
Downloads: 15,018
Category: Creation Maps


-3 MrEm english please!
the map was great but you should get a translator

2016-11-29 23:22

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0 MinecraftLover This is super AMAZING thanks!

2016-03-18 05:53

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+1 Jumps This Map is so cool i like it all btw i used this map for my minigame server this is so wonderfull

2016-03-14 20:27

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+1 PieTheActor Hello I am a director of Minestrike for Mineplex. (us.mineplex.co m). We were wondering if we could used your map for the mini-game. You will get full credit for creating the map and bragging rights. Please respond quickly as we refresh our maps often

2016-03-13 18:44

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I will use it for a minigame on my best friend's sever, is that OK??
Oh, and could you also make a version with English signs?

2016-03-04 19:15

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+3 Wow! This map is amazing!

2016-02-29 18:22

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+2 fartymcparty346 best ever recommended to see

2016-02-23 07:41

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+4 superkijker This map is amazing:O

2016-02-19 15:53

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