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The Lost Lands: Chapter One

Created by 2 Plugs Gaming

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The Lost Lands : Chapter One (1/5)

The first chapter in the five part map series, The Lost Lands.

The king announces that he needs someone to come and train as a hero.

Music Credit

Pew, EXPLOSION! - Zynthetic


Made for Minecraft 1.12.1

The Lost Lands: Chapter One

Creator: 2 Plugs Gaming
Map Category: Adventure Maps
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.12.1
File Size: 107 MB
Date Added: 2017-09-13
Downloads: 1,003


-1 roctan this looks awesome

2017-09-16 20:44

-1 Jens Bergensten This is an amazing map, nice job with the command blocks!

2017-09-15 19:52

-1 LordJuwan I died in the map because i am stuck in some parts of some blocks but when i respawn i got spawned in some random location pls fix this

2017-09-15 09:46

-1 LimaBeans this was a good map

2017-09-14 18:50


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