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The Forest

Created by bailey_flyingpig

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"The Forest" is an adventure map that you have to try to complete as quickly as possible.

The rules are simple, play in survival, don't break anything, no commands are to be used, talk to all villagers (if possible) and time yourself.

There is no in-game timer, so you must use other methods if you wish to time yourself.

Map Details

Creator: bailey_flyingpig
(45 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.1
Size: 833 KB
Added: 2019-05-22
Downloads: 1,633
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Lovely Where do I get the polished granite??

2019-06-25 01:21

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+1 Bryn A few bugs:
1. The grey villager guy (don't know what it's called) kept respawning, and i kept dying. Not fun
2. I couldn't put the final button on the diamond block.

I think you could expand this into a full game. It has potential!

2019-06-06 18:28

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0 SeriousCraft Why i have to speedrun this

2019-05-25 11:25

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