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The Experiment

Created by Dinosauratron

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Map Trailer

Map Trailer:
The Experiment is a zombie apocalypse themed adventure map. It requires the Experiment Resource Pack to play. You are tested to the limit of your skills through tough challenges including parkour, combat and much more throughout the map. The map has an intriguing Storyline with a life or death choice at the end.

This map isn't built for multiplayer but you can try to play it with your friends, however you may have difficulties. You begin the map in Creative mode, please excuse this as I didn't know that if you load the world up in Creative mode all other players are in Creative mode too. Please switch to Adventure mode as soon as you can to prevent any damage to the map.

If you do create a YouTube video of gameplay of this map, please put a link to this download page in the description of your video and put a link to the video in the comments, Thank You.

The map download contains a Resource Pack, drag it to the resourcepacks folder. A seperate direct link for the pack can be found here.

WARNING: This map cointains blood, gore and suspense, if you are of a young age and are frightened of these things I would advise you avoid playing this map.


Map Details

Creator: Dinosauratron
(615 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 15 MB
Added: 2016-01-22
Downloads: 27,821
Category: Adventure Maps


+5 Dinosauratron Sorry shae, this map is quite old now and would not fit in with the new Minecraft versions. However, if more people want to play it again I may create a remastered version of it with a better resource pack, a more realistic story and better commands. This map was my first so was not perfect but thanks to the helpful comments I now know what went wrong and how to improve it.

2016-12-30 08:13

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+2 Jeremy This map is one of my favorites.

2016-11-17 00:02

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+2 shae i haven't played the map yet but i want to know if the resource pack will be updated

2016-11-09 03:36

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+3 Vagabond Awesome map, loved the ending! I chose to 'save humanity'
Made a video on my channel, here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w_0xs3_gcw&feature=youtu.be

2016-06-04 23:58

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0 BaccaMan0405 i could not see the mobs at all i almost die 2 time an it drive me isan but other wise it was good

2016-04-06 00:52

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-1 ShyguytheGamer1 My minecraft video for this map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBoITdOXcgQ

2016-04-02 13:36

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+3 JonalotGG I made a Let's Play of this map! Also, I'm confused on how letting life live on is selfish. Killing everyone because of a mistake you made is selfish. Also, I feel the map was a bit short for my liking. If it's a zombie apocalypse, you need a map that's at least an hour long to play without the secrets. (Also, in your next map, put in secrets!)


2016-03-29 21:33

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+1 Deathskull2015 best map ever
:) /\
l l

2016-03-27 08:57

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+1 osirus5891 Me and my nephew played this map! It doesn't make a lot of sense but it was really fun! Also we recorded it and I've uploaded it to my channel. This is the first of hopefully many more we plan on playing and recording. Here's the link if anyone wishes to watch it:

2016-03-27 01:47

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+1 SuperCreeper Gaming Great map, little short, and many typos in the dialogue. Could be improved. Also, why does your robot not return after you make the choice of life or death? Or does he? You don't really explain if he returned or not.

2016-03-21 21:09

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+1 mewantdiamonds AT the house i couldn't get out of the checkpoint bed

2016-03-17 21:21

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-3 NemesisWraith690 man this map is pretty good

2016-03-07 17:10

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-2 JadeTek Made a video!
Love the map!

2016-03-06 19:00

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+4 Joy Quoting ispy92:
This map made no sense whatsoever. how can 1 newclear reactor destroy all life on earth. also in the kill all life choice you did not kill all life because there was moss and vines growing. also how is not killing all life selfish, remember that camp you went through, they would have lived if you didn't explode the reactor. I would not want someone killing me in a zombie appocolypse.

It's just a Minecraft custom map, not a real life thing. Zombies could never be made unless an evil scientist made one, and nuclear reactors would not be made for destruction unless it was necessary.

2016-03-06 18:59

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-6 ispy92 This map made no sense whatsoever. how can 1 newclear reactor destroy all life on earth. also in the kill all life choice you did not kill all life because there was moss and vines growing. also how is not killing all life selfish, remember that camp you went through, they would have lived if you didn't explode the reactor. I would not want someone killing me in a zombie appocolypse.

2016-03-06 02:33

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+2 senit Hey everyone i did a playthrough of this map and it would be awesome if you could give it a look! :)

2016-02-20 02:14

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0 Owlcapones Great map! when Given the Choice didn't hesitate to destroy all Life!


2016-02-19 08:50

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+1 TheIdiotFarm Nice map, was short but still good, did a video if anyone is interested...

2016-02-18 21:39

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+3 IvanDaPro This map makes no sense, wiping out humanity is selfish?! Wow man...

2016-02-17 20:17

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+2 ArcticCrystal This map could have been more logical and have better redstone and commands, but it's okay :P it just needs some improvement

2016-02-15 20:45

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-5 MarinoSandoval1 Wow what a fun map. I like how you are just waiting to fight more zombies . I recommend this map. you are a scientist making a mutated human which then get their own minds and.... download to find more :D

2016-02-12 16:25

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-3 mario137 *at the end*
running is for cowards! even if i destroy the world, i destroy the infection
i don't want to live in The Walking Dead
and then i see the bad-looking way was the best ending, way :D
really cool map!

2016-02-10 17:18

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-2 Will Williams I made my first ever Minecraft Youtube video on this map :) It uploaded in a weird way, making it a little fuzzy when I move, but it's still ok in 1080 :P


I hope it's ok :P

2016-02-01 11:12

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-5 MagicMan Great map had a load of fun playing this!
Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlAXzIiRrww

2016-01-30 21:49

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-3 androcker This map is pretty fun and does work good for two players probably not anymore players though.

My Playthrough:

2016-01-30 02:19

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-2 Penneguy Really fun to play and didn't take to long! Nice designs and thanks for the warning!

2016-01-26 21:38

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+3 AJ is this map good for multiplayer?

2016-01-25 23:16

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+1 Dinosauratron Thank you everyone for playing my adventure map. I appreciate you creating YouTube videos and commenting. I hope to make more maps in the future.

2016-01-25 20:45

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0 TimMaNi Really cool map:)

2016-01-25 20:14

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-1 Kinkedbookplays I made A video on this I realy liked the map
Video Link:

2016-01-24 21:27

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