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Created by Kassar

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This map was made for Minecraft 1.12.2, it will more than likely not work in most other versions of the game.

Map Info

The map was translated from Polish to English, therefore some textures are left untranslated - don't worry, it doesn't interfere in gameplay.

The map is based on the popular story from Charles Dickens. Why did i decide to put up a Christmas map, not on Christmas? Because I didn't finish it till then. But it's really worth the play!

You'll find interesting mechanics, a lot of detailed, smooth animations, 3D models, sounds and music - too much to count!

Map is made for 1 person. Play on 1.12.2.

It also features a custom made resource pack inside that will load automatically. - When you'll download the map, read the note in the Winzip archive.

That's all, have a nice play! :)


Map Details

Creator: Kassar
(83 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 32.6 MB
Added: 2019-05-27
Downloads: 5,027
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Wrecan Started playing this and decided to do a lets play on it! Loving it so far Kassar! If yall are interested heres the link:

2019-06-20 23:21

0 aiyan that was the best map i have ever seen i want u to make your maps in english and other languages too if u dont hve a team join me on discord i am willing to help
my first commment:)

2019-06-20 16:36

0 maxmax0211 Such a good map!

2019-06-19 14:11

0 TheKingPlayz your map looks like fun just make sure to update it so that it is in english.

2019-06-12 20:20

+1 Jordi_ Great map!

I found a bug in your map, when playing the copy minigame, if you remove yellow wool (by shifting) you will not get the yellow wool back.
Only the first time. The reason is because the command block at X2454 Y9 Z603 is on need redstone mode, changing this to always active should fix the problem!

2019-06-11 16:57

+2 Yoshu This map is not getting the recognition it deserves ONLY because of the cuss words, anyone with a sane mind would play this map and know it's one of the best in 2019. This is the dark horse of maps in this year, it's really sad that maps that require way less effort and thought get popularised while maps like these with an absolutely captivating story and an aesthetic environment get left on the wayside.

10/10 single handedly makes the Asleep series seem like a joke, the detailing is comparable to Late and Terra Swoop Force. I'd also like to mention this was a solo builder map?! Almost all of the series I just said involved a build team, this must have been a big undertaking for OP. Please play this map regardless of the cuss words, if you are content creator just playthrough this already, stop scrolling the page looking for maps and play this. You will not regret it. We need to support creators like these!

2019-06-10 10:28

0 A1120AMIR129Z Quoting Raven:
How do I give the letter back to the guy? Seriously won't let me and I even relogged.

I have this problem too when i click on I READ IT that's not worked

2019-06-09 15:38

0 SeriouslyCrazy Map is amazing! The textures ate GREAT and the build are the best I've EVER SEEN! The animations are really cool, too. I pride myself on my commands, but compared to this I'm speechless! I really reccomend this map! The only issue I had was the letter, but just open the world to lan and put cheats on and you're good! :D

2019-06-09 14:05

+1 BlueRaven Excellent map! I've never seen anything like it. It was a little buggy in a few places, but overall, great job! I would love to see more similar maps.

2019-06-06 01:15

+2 CrazyCowMM Absolutely incredible! I just played the entire thing and I have to say that the attention to detail was just stunning! Those animations must have taken forever, ant o have them synced to the music as well in some places. Just wow. I playthrough of this will be going up on my channel sometime this month, but I'm leaving on vacation shortly so I can't exactly say when.


2019-06-05 22:38

+4 Raven How do I give the letter back to the guy? Seriously won't let me and I even relogged.

2019-06-04 02:26

+3 Gabba An absolutely incredible map, i could not believe i was in minecraft while playing this

2019-06-02 18:46

0 Enzo Omg I loved this map so much one of the best I played! I think that it needs a part 2

2019-05-31 21:47

+2 tiziano2703 you must open the world to lan to sove the letter bug

2019-05-31 14:43

+1 Chibimii This is such a wonderful map

2019-05-31 05:49

0 explodingamer the game was awesome it also scared me it was better then asleep 1 i think so yeah keep on doing good maps

2019-05-31 01:04

0 nick845 Amazing map! I all just... worked! Definitely give this map a try. 10/10

2019-05-30 20:31

0 Wessel Amazing map! I would love to see the 120+ choices map! Keep up the good work!

2019-05-30 10:39

0 Manchot999 I was initially put off by the somewhat tedious "recreate the picture" and "get the letter" tasks, but I really enjoyed the map in the marketplace and everything beyond that. The cathedral is a really impressive build, and the rewind animation in the destroyed house really amazed me.

Overall, really great map, tons of details, touching story, but some fetch quests at the beginning.

I hope to see more translations from you in the future!

2019-05-30 00:27

+2 DIamond Quoting aidantm:

Yeah, I keep running into this problem. I tried like five times couldn't get past. Somebody, please help!!!

Ok so basically open the game up to LAN and turn cheats on and it should fix your problems :)

2019-05-29 17:06

+2 Kassar Quoting ItsAce:
Tried recording this for a series and couldn't click to put a letter away and it broke the was going well and was fun up until that point

Did you share the map to LAN using the button at Esc menu? This will make it possible to click this.

2019-05-29 05:36

-2 CuteBoy35 The map was or has so cool, awesome, scary and bad language . It was cool because it had cutscenes and very peaceful music at the beginning of the map. It was awesome because there were people (armor stands as people) moving in minecraft! It was scary because when you press the button you get on a security camera and you this floating black smoke in the air destroying everything and when you go home theres this man putting up something (or not) but when you turn around you see nothing then when you turn back you will see the man pop up.
It had bad language because it says the F word and the S word ( If you know the F word and the S word don't worry about it). I will give this map a 9/10 because it has bad language, but it was very cool map! :))))))

2019-05-29 01:43

0 aidantm Quoting DIamond:
This map was really fun for the first few minuets but i ran into a problem where i couldn't give the letter back to the guy when he let me read it and then my game crashed :/ the map was really well done but I just wish I could've finished the map

Quoting DIamond:
So this is me again so I figured it out and the map was really fun!

Quoting SeriouslyCrazy:
How did you???

Yeah, I keep running into this problem. I tried like five times couldn't get past. Somebody, please help!!!

2019-05-28 16:06

0 Kassar As i can see, map isn't working for a lot of people. That's strange because many testers was testing this map and everything was perfect. Are you guys sure that you play on 1.12 version? This is important. Also i have really don't idea why minecraft crushes... Map isn't demanding that much. Maybe reducing render distance will give something.

2019-05-28 14:06

-1 ItsAce Tried recording this for a series and couldn't click to put a letter away and it broke the was going well and was fun up until that point

2019-05-28 13:10

0 Fredocoaster Amazing map. 10/10 I want the cool map with 120+ choices ! :D aha
Congratulations guys

2019-05-28 12:43

0 Adolf Play on 1.12 only, because otherwise game might crash!(

2019-05-28 07:05

-1 SeriouslyCrazy Quoting DIamond:
So this is me again so I figured it out and the map was really fun!

How did you???

2019-05-28 02:01

+1 SeriouslyCrazy where it says "click here" at the give the letter back to him part i click on it and it doesn't work :/

2019-05-28 02:00

0 SeriouslyCrazy It doesn't let me give the letter back!

2019-05-28 01:57


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