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Aight dudes and dudettes, welcome to my first Minecraft map! Well, besides Grumbot777, but that was more of a cool creation than a Minecraft map. Anyways, Enhanced is a puzzle map where you start out as an ordinary man, but gradually get more and more powerful via a machine called the Bioupgrader. This map comes with a custom texture pack and 6 custom powerups, so it will probably be quite fun! Difficulty-wise, the puzzles are pretty easy, but there are a couple of headscratchers between the easy puzzles.

I would personally say that this map would take 20-30 minutes, but personally, maps that say they take around 20-30 minutes actually take an hour or two, so take that with a grain of salt. It would take around 15-20 minutes if you already know all the puzzles.

Testing-wise, this has been rigorously tested and has no bugs(at least not ones that I can't fix, but I only found one, and the chances of replicating it are pretty low). But I am the only person to have tested this, so things like the time it would take to beat this map are purely guesses.

Also, if you are a content creator or streamer, feel free to upload this map as a video or stream. It's free content for you and free publicity for me. You don't have to, though, it's just a suggestion. If you do make a video/stream on this map, then please comment about it with the link to the video/stream, and I'll go check it out!

Speaking of content creators, did you know I have a YouTube channel? It's the same name as my username here, PsyKat777. I upload Minecraft content, so please go check it out. That's all I have to say, so have fun with the map!

Oh, and also this map was inspired by the Legend of Zelda series, as well as very slightly from the Expand series.

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2022-03-20 - Map Released.

Version 1.1:
* Made health bossbars for both phases of the Hunger boss battle visible for players
* Made Jack give you a hint on how to beat the boss
* Fixed way that you could get out of the map (guigui0246_2 on YouTube found the way to escape, so go check him out)

Version 1.2:
* Made it so that you are given blindness effect when on top of the Village Elder's roof
* Removed the protection 1 from the second phase Hunger's armor, leaving him with ordinary netherite armor

Version 1.3:
* Fixed bug where bossbar wasn't working for the first phase of the Hunger boss battle
* Added knockback to the sword that Jack makes you to fight the second phase of the Hunger

Version 1.4:
* Made it impossible to escape the map in any way involving savanna trees
* Removed sign that says not to fall in piston puzzle door, as you can easily jump out of the hole
* Fixed glitch that duplicated your sack of food
* Replaced lecterns that held the rules and recommendations books with chests, so players can take and keep the books
* Fixed glitch where, if you go into the plains and back into the desert after you kill the hunger, the dialogue when you are about to die in the desert plays

Version 1.5:
* Made a fix to the Village Elder dialogue

Map Details

Map Creator: PsyKat777
(51 votes)
Map Version: v1.5
Minecraft Version: 1.18.1
File Size: 6.9 MB
Date Added: 2022-03-20
Downloads: 6,673
Map Category: Puzzle Maps

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