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The Virus

Created by Maneki-neko1

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Map Info

The Virus is a puzzle map using a variety of different puzzles. You will be faced with riddles, logic puzzles, and redstone puzzles, as well as some PVE. There are a total of 9 stages. Every 3 stages, you will defeat a boss, and the theme of the stages will change.

All rules and requirements are listed in the map.


There is a stage layout below.

  • Stage 1: Cake Vs. Warrior
  • Stage 2: Birch Maze Surprise
  • Stage 3: Boss 1
  • Stage 4: Maze of Riddles
  • Stage 5: Red Sand Redstone
  • Stage 6: Boss 2
  • Stage 7: Crazy Carnival
  • Stage 8: Complex Castle
  • Stage 9: Boss 3


Map Details

Creator: Maneki-neko1
(274 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.9.2
Size: 1.52 MB
Added: 2016-04-15
Downloads: 30,987
Category: Variety Maps


+6 Logdotzip Subscriber Quoting 16115:
is it my game or does nothing happen once you make the cake on the first one?

You should look at the lore of the cake.

2019-06-18 00:32

-2 Logdotzip Subscriber Quoting Bianca:
how do you get sugar and egg in the first???

Watch Logdotzip's video where he plays this map. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_WVBjiDSkQ

2019-06-18 00:31

+3 Samayueren Pretty clever, I noticed the bosses were all a reference to the old scooby doo game cyber chase.
Good map over all

2018-03-14 20:08

+4 Sunny In the first challenge i got all of the ingredients and made the cake and everything but i go to the temple and see that there's no zombie. I've changed the difficulty to all of them, just in case, and I've restarted minecraft multiple times and even deleted and redownloaded the map. Each time there's no zombie. Any suggestions?

2018-02-08 02:11

+4 AidilCraft_19775 i love this maps

2017-11-04 07:40

+1 Wolfy11 Isn't this from Scooby-Doo Cyber Chase? Even the bosses are the same...

2017-06-24 21:25

+8 nathaniel in the room with 3 keys i got the painting one and the wall one were is the 3rd

2017-05-13 01:13

+2 TheMoralityCore Quoting Nostral:
Can we play this map in multiplayer ?
I don't think the creator of the map said so....

2016-09-16 12:16

+6 Itachi just kill the mumys and he will teleport to youhit him as many times as you can.Then he will go back and spawn mumys again.Do it untill he is dead

2016-09-03 12:07

+4 minh khoi This map so cool i love it make more

2016-06-30 10:30

+4 TitanTron69658 This is a pretty cool map. I liked it a lot, but it was pretty hard! Lots of complicating puzzles. The bosses are the virtual warrior (zombie with full iron armor), the pharaoh (spider jockey and skeleton with full gold armor and gold sword), and the virus (wither skeleton with enchanted stone sword, full dyed lime leather armor, except for a piece of lime stained glass on his head).

2016-05-29 21:22

+4 ElectraMiner All of the puzzles in this map are unrelated. I think they could have themed this better.

2016-05-13 03:49

+3 bloxsom what is the second riddle answer

2016-05-08 18:39

+7 Someone Who knows the answer of The one after the warrior?

2016-05-06 01:11

+2 Ediwin Wong Quoting Roland:
Please give me the coordonates of the spawn becuase Im stuck in a desert...

An easy way is to switch to creative mode and find it.After you have found it, type this command":


2016-05-05 17:37

-3 Ediwin Wong Quoting Bianca:
how do you get sugar and egg in the first???

You need to find a hidden chest under the pink tree

2016-05-05 16:51

+1 Six12 When I put the redstone block in the item frame nothing happened. I had to go to the command blocks and activate the redstone to open the door (even though I could have broken through the wall).

2016-05-01 17:22

+5 Six12 Quoting CharlieLutra:
Im stuck in the haunted house with 2 keys. I have found the 3rd (the one on the wall) but can't break it. Help me pls

The third one is hidden behind a wall and I think it is activated by one of the buttons in the bathroom

2016-05-01 17:19

+3 LittleBee28 Ok: I played the map, it was a very nice map... but, the castle part; i knew there was something wrong because when i flipped the lever and pressed the button, nothing happened.... so, i did some poking around in creative. What i found out was that where the button was, the command block said as an output, "could not place block." For the lever, nothing was inputed. So, i sadly had to cheat.... ;-; Also, i didn't get the part (still in the castle) where the redstone was in a item frame pointing up to a dropper... :( oh, and the haunted house was really hard, and i didn't know what to do... but, everything else was amazing! (sorry for such a long comment) :P

2016-04-28 03:05

+2 Melvin Really cool map man! i wish there would be more maps like this

2016-04-26 23:10

+3 Elkav Quoting Bianca:
how do you get sugar and egg in the first???

Its in a hidden chest in the water under the pink tree

2016-04-25 00:29

+3 Zoom Quoting 16115:
is it my game or does nothing happen once you make the cake on the first one?

You have to throw it at him

2016-04-24 18:42

+4 RJS2005 This is a great, well-made interactive puzzle map! I definitely recommend it for people who want a challenge!

2016-04-24 16:23

+2 rob98000 You cheeky bugger. Did you honestly think no one would notice that you made the first boss battle a copy of the first Scooby doo cyber chase game boss.

2016-04-24 08:30

+2 Phoenix This was a really great map, I did encounter a bug I think in the castle. Here's the play through video I made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUwNbKkHyqQ

2016-04-23 19:22

+1 Maneki-neko1 Quoting 16115:
is it my game or does nothing happen once you make the cake on the first one?

You're supposed to drop it on the ground.

2016-04-23 16:36

-1 Victoria Quoting Bianca:
how do you get sugar and egg in the first???

Underneath the pink and grey tree in the water, under the grass is a chest with it

2016-04-23 16:32

+3 16115 is it my game or does nothing happen once you make the cake on the first one?

2016-04-23 10:38

+3 Maneki-neko1 Quoting Roland:
Please tell me the coordonates of the spawn because Im stuck in a desert.. And I play on 1.9.2

That shouldn't be happening. /tp @p 500 57 500 or try re downloading the map.

2016-04-21 20:48

-1 Bianca how do you get sugar and egg in the first???

2016-04-21 00:11


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