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Don't Take Damage 2!

Created by Brenden_MC

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Map Info:
Don't Take Damage 2! is a sequel to Don't Take Damage!

In this map your goal is to find the button, but there is one problem, you only have a half of heart!

There are 10 Different unique stages to go through.

Good Luck!

My YouTube: Mine 52 Productions

This Map On PMC: Don't Take Damage 2!!

Map Details

Creator: Brenden_MC
(253 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 497.37 KB
Added: 2016-02-22
Downloads: 52,841
Category: Puzzle Maps


+53 SO HARD THIS MAP IS SO HARD Which Is What Makes It So Fun I Recommend It To Those Of You Who Don't Rage Quit

2016-07-17 14:52

+38 me the map is amaizing but when i downloaded it i had all the hearts filled and in the level with the pool there wasn't a key and i searched everywhere.but it's amaizing :D

2016-03-12 15:24

+32 j lvl 5 chunk erroer the jump is to hard

2016-02-27 20:23

+27 VilleHSK 10 parkour maps with half a heart and when you die you get slowed down can you get thruogh the stages without raging?

2016-02-27 11:30

+27 YESSS the best map

2016-02-26 12:05

+16 BySweatox Go saw the youtube channel of FuriousJumper (he is french) ! He do this map (yes i'm french)

2016-02-25 16:42

+11 Jsrgaming123 Alright well it would've been good accept for the fact that IT'S SO HARD ITS UNREAL!!!!! I liked the first don't take damage, but this... this is just stoupidly hard! unless you update it and make it easier my vote stays at a to hard map with a 1 star voting

2016-02-24 22:53

+36 Frustration... This map was very hard, but I did not cheat the whole time, so everything is possible. I actually did spawnpoint in the last level because I got so frustrated but... The map was very fun!

Suggestion: don't use fire. it is very very sensitive.

2016-02-23 23:52

+25 Mr. Pookee First map was most interesting.

2016-02-23 15:04

+21 Vietnam Steven Nice Map Dude! :D but one thing, this is too hard... i must use gamemode 1 in some stages to finish it :p
Anyway, nice work! :D

2016-02-23 11:59

+24 bakaSuc I like Don't Take Damage 1 and I can play Don't Take Damage 2 now!

2016-02-23 04:50


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