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The King of Parkour Land

Created by DanTheDude

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Welcome to Parkour Land!

Inspired by the aesthetic design from "Donkey Kong Country Returns" and "Tropical Freeze", this is a parkour map like none other. In this map, you will be exploring highly detailed sandbox levels, ranging from canyon cliffs to the snowy mountains in the northern hemisphere. Your objective in each level is to reach the end goal by jumping (of course) and using various parkour skills. Each level offers its own set of unique challenges and will determine you as the true King of Parkour Land.

In addition, you will also be tasked with finding hidden collectibles scattered around every level. Doing this will grant you access to a concluding Bonus Level!

Do you have what it takes to be King of Parkour Land?


  • 5 uniquely themed, non-linear sandbox levels with increasing difficulty.
  • 4 Crystal Stones to acquire (unlocks the 5th level). 
  • 100 hidden Gold Coins to find.
  • An extra redacted secret (unlocks a special level).


  • Version: Vanilla Java Edition 1.14.4 (optifine is approved).
  • Latest Build: v1.0
  • Playtime Length: Estimate is 2 hours, will depend on the player skill.
  • Players: Built for 1 player only. 2 player or higher might ruin gameplay. Example: If player 1 fails a jump, player 2 will share the penalty due to Command Block restrictions.
  • Render Distance: Minimum 10 chunks (for "execute commands" to trigger).


  • Map creator: DanTheDude
  • Build Tools: Vanilla Minecraft Features and Commands
  • Testing: DanTheDude

Special thanks to Retro Studios and Rare, the creators behind the Donkey Kong franchise for inspiring me to make this map. 

If you have any questions or advice you want to give to help improve the map, feel free to contact me with the Gmail [email protected] I’m always open to new suggestions, as it helps not only me but everyone else who plays the map.


Version 1.1:
• Minor rework of the ‘Parkour Practice’ area.
• Added an extra obtainable item in the Hub.
• Added a new game rule for Shader Mod users.
• Visual changes to the ‘Hub’ and the ‘Level Selector’.

Version 1.2:
• Added new obtainable items.
• Added more noticeable warning signs in hazardous places.
• Fixed an issue where players could jump out of the map on multiple levels.
• Changed every ‘Oak Sign’ to black color due to an unknown bug that made it hard to read them.
• Visual changes and updates across all levels.

Version 1.3:
• Minor visual changes, out of bounds fixes and difficulty tweaks for improved quality.
• Repositioned teleports in the ‘Level Selector’ to prevent fall damage.
• Changed notification warnings to be less obtrusive during gameplay.


Map Details

Creator: DanTheDude
(332 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 7.9 MB
Added: 2019-09-05
Downloads: 8,608
Category: Parkour Maps


+8 ReltonTolpo Really good map. Loads of levels and really well done. definetly worth playing!!!!

2019-10-21 20:20

+2 L0rd Great map, I quite enjoyed it.
Would've liked it if it was longer because it was over so quick. At least there is the challenge to scout for collectibles after beating the map the first time.
Levels are progessingly getting more difficult from section to section with checkpoints fairly spaced out from another. Scenery and buildings are very well put together. The jumps are nicely integrated into the landscape and they have a satisfying flow to them. Nothing feels off.
Some of the colored text on signs is hard to read but besides that very good job. Looking forward to new maps from you.

2019-10-13 01:24

+1 w1nDrunn3r360 One word: amazing. The levels looked great, and I especially liked being able to search for the extra items and collectibles. This map also wasn't too hard, but it presented enough of a challenge. It wasn't one of those 'impossible' parkour maps that some people make to ensure that no one has fun. Good job, 10/10.

2019-10-03 03:31

+3 Edam Map looks interesting, but I'm immediately turned off by the text color on the signs. Please use more distinct colours - grey and green don't show up well on oak signs, such as on the starting board, or the level selectors for lvl 2 and 4. Makes the info really hard to read.

2019-09-21 10:04

+2 EmilyS1234 I want a challenge

2019-09-19 21:20

-2 WHYREQUIRED Enjoyed it alot, buildings were gorgeous, the ideas for most jumps (even if the shulker boxes were just pain) are great while using the new mechanic of getting througt 1,75 blocks for some secrets and in general the map is easily the best jumpnrun map ive seen so far.

2019-09-13 12:40

+1 The girl behind you This was a very good map, in terms of themeing, engagement and variety. The secrets were very fun to discover and the map was overall beautifully made. the transitions between areas was very well done, I was very suprised to see how well it was blended. The warm up/tutorial at the beginning was a nice addition, and I simultaneously hate and love the shulker parkour.

There are only 2 gripes I have with it, 1 nitpick and one thing that you can ignore as personal preferance.
1) The some of the signs are very hard to read because of the colur you dyed them. I get you wanted variation but perhaps sometimes you have to go with the option that is the most accessable.
2) Perhaps in the breaking into the bank level you could have added more checkpoints. I could never do the shulker parkour so when I got to the second section and tried it I fell, going all the way back to the only checkpoint on the route.

2019-09-11 14:14

+1 sty_LeOn sooooooooo good :)

2019-09-11 11:29

+3 Ivan Really goooood map,thanks

2019-09-10 22:14

+1 Greg Hey I guess I'm a newbie and didn't know it, but when I run the Parkour Adventure Map on my Spigot/Paper server, the buttons don't seem to do anything. Must command blocks be enabled (which aren't on my server)? Puzzled. Thanks for advice.


2019-09-09 23:17

+1 legowegogo Epic game, hope for a walkthrough soon, and i found the redacted secret. great work!

2019-09-08 15:25

+5 Mineiggah I just beat it 100% and i just want to say that this map is absolutely amazing.
A few days ago i was playing Jumpcraft (popular parkour server if you dont know it) and i wanted to play a map similar to the levels on there, and then when i saw this i played it straight away. This map is so much fun especially when you look for the secrets and the building and detail in this is just beautiful, thanks so much for making this.

2019-09-06 12:35


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