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Mischievous Mansion

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Mischievous Mansion is a puzzle adventure map inspired by Luigi's Mansion!

In this map, you will embark on a spooky journey exploring a mansion deep into the forest. As you enter, you must hunt for resources and discover clues in order to overcome the many challenges and puzzles blocking your path.

Soon enough, you will also find that you are not alone, as the locals themselves don’t take kindly to strangers. Therefore, it’s hunt or be hunted in this Mischievous Mansion!

Do you dare to take on this spooky challenge?


  • Metroidvania-styled gameplay
  • Custom boss fights
  • Unique & inventive puzzles
  • Upgradable equipment
  • Custom resource pack (Optional)
  • A digital book about cut content (PDF)


  • Minecraft 1.19.3
  • Render Distance: 8+ Chunks
  • Players: 1-2 (Best experience in Singleplayer)
  • OptiFine (A custom Resource Pack is included in the map)

It’s also recommended to have a fairly good PC with high performance in order to run this map smoothly.


Created by: DanTheDude

This map is an accomplishment of several people that unofficially helped to make this map possible. They will most likely not know about my map, but they are not to be uncredited:

Custom Terrain (Mountains) by OneCore:
The Shattered Peaks - 7/3/2021 [​Practice Map] Minecraft Map (

Key Textures by GottaBeJoshing:
Misc Key Pack Minecraft Texture Pack (

Illager Skins by Zozo-zrob:
New Illagers Minecraft Texture Pack (

All rights go to Nintendo, Shinobu Tanaka, and Kazumi Totaka for the music included in this map, as I do not own the copyrights to that.


Hey YouTubers! If you happened to be playing this map, I would highly appreciate it if you credited/linked my map and my name (DanTheDude) in your YouTube video. Thank you!

And as always, feedback and comments are most appreciated. I genuinely enjoy reading every comment as I’m always open to new suggestions and ideas. Feedback not only helps me but everyone else who plays this map, so keep 'em coming!

[ Original Release Date: 23rd of December 2022 ]



2022-12-24 - Map Released.


New features:

  • A Digital Book has been added called: Cut Content - Mischievous Mansion. It's a fun, in-depth PDF about scrapped features, mechanics, and ideas that I've written. It's bundled together with the latest downloadable patch. You can also download it separately on this website. Happy reading!

General fixes:

  • Fixed a multiplayer issue where players could suffocate after going through a specific portal.
  • Fixed minor spelling mistakes.
  • Small visual and technical changes to enhance the experience.



  • Updated map to 1.19.3.

New features:

  • Added new signs in order to give clarity on how to enable the built-in Resource Pack if in a server.

General fixes:

  • Fixed a multiplayer issue that would give a levitation effect to the wrong player.
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue that could teleport the wrong player to the wrong place.
  • Fixed an issue where players could obtain several items in unintended ways.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck going underneath a set of stairs.
  • Fixed audio and spelling mistakes.
  • Small visual and technical changes to enhance the experience.
  • Deleted unused files to lower the savefile size.



The Safari Room puzzle will now reset if you leave the third floor.
The Observatory puzzle has been reworked, as it was deemed too confusing.
Added a link to the Puzzle Walkthrough with /trigger walkthrough.
The Book of Hints has been updated to fit the new changes.
Added a new clue to help craft a specific item.
The Golden Carrot can now be given when in inventory, not in hand.
Replaced an existing advancement due to being too confusing.

General fixes:

Bossbars actually appear now, as it was intended at launch but were broken. How embarrassing! xD
Fixed areas where certain items could be placed or break blocks where it was not intended.
The Lobby has been updated with new guidelines and signs.
Small visual and technical changes to enhance the experience.

Map Details

Map Creator: DanTheDude
(80 votes)
Map Version: v1.4
Minecraft Version: 1.19.3
File Size: 37.2 MB
Date Added: 2022-12-24
Downloads: 10,229
Map Category: Puzzle Maps

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