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Jump Arena

Created by NateT_Bird

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Map name: Jump Arena
Map author: NateT_Bird (
Map download:

▶Map Description

Jump Arena is a parkour minigame based around exploring and upgrades. It is a spoof off of my other map Dungeon Arena. As you progress through the levels you gain coins. Use the coins to unlock new levels and buy upgrades. Blocks have special properties and do different things when stepped on. You can upgrade the blocks to increase their effectiveness. The map is designed to be fun for all skill levels. You are rewarded for failing as well as for succeeding. There are countless secrets throughout the map. Have fun exploring the levels and finding all the secrets this map has to offer.

This map is multiplayer compatible. However I recommend you play it single player. I have found it to be more balanced and fun solo. If you play it multi-player the cannon blocks might not work properly due to lag. But you can still play and beat the game even with this bug.

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Map Details

Creator: NateT_Bird
(35 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 4.6 MB
Added: 2015-08-27
Downloads: 28,009
Category: Parkour Maps


Grumpy Another great map, NateT_Bird! It's a very unique idea, and it is well executed too.

2016-08-20 00:50

TheRichie10000 Hey Nate, it's me again. I'm sharing the link to a video I made on this map! I hope you all enjoy :33

2016-06-07 00:42

Frist Viet I like parkour but i play parkour very bad!

2016-01-24 10:05

cool first parkour map I ever like and best map ever!

2015-12-31 07:36

dhika_chan I recommend to use the sign saids:
[View Achievements] and it will teleport you to achievement room.then every achievement should be needed to have /setblock (X) (Y) (Z) sign command

2015-10-24 05:43

WhitewolfKai This is the best map iv'e ever played 10/10 100/100
would rate 8 out of 8 m8


2015-10-15 14:26

NateT_Bird Quoting RS_Mind:
When I use the map on the server, it says translate.___.sign. Could you make a download that doesn't use translate? I am using server version 1.8.8

I use traslate so that players have to use the resource pack. Just use the resource pack and it should work fine. There is a link in the map itself.

2015-10-12 21:15

RS_Mind When I use the map on the server, it says translate.___.s ign. Could you make a download that doesn't use translate? I am using server version 1.8.8

2015-10-04 22:35

KingArthur232 Best parkour map in existence... Definitely needs a sequel, even with all it's re-playability. ..

2015-09-20 00:50


It has special blocks, textures, and secrets! I had a blast playing this map, and the only thing I would add is more levels.

2015-09-13 13:08

Dragon Gaming Hey i just record this map on my channel, check it out! Video Link:

2015-09-13 11:33

Crafter1024 You really should make a sequel! :D
Because this map is just pure awesome! :D

2015-09-12 20:40

Wert_you You could make an achievement room in which signs or heads could appear, or the wall would disappear leading into a room with a sign

2015-09-09 03:51

Snivygamer This game is awesome!
I would rate this 10/10

2015-09-04 15:10

NateT_Bird Quoting alshfik:
Are the signs outside of the map an easter egg or just for people who like looking on how the redstone works?

They are mostly for me to stay organized, but also for anyone who wants to know how the redstone works.

2015-09-03 16:32

Datrevdo Brilliant Map!

2015-09-03 15:08

alshfik Are the signs outside of the map an easter egg or just for people who like looking on how the redstone works?

2015-09-02 15:32

NateT_Bird Quoting Hayden:
is there a way to view your achievements? if not maybe implement it?

Love the game. played for an hour:

Thank you. Sadly there is not a way to view the achievements. I don't know how I would implement it without spoiling the possible achievements. I am sure there is a way, but it wouldn't look pretty.

2015-09-01 04:00

eliotapa This is the best map i've ever played. this is awesome. :)

2015-08-31 08:48

ExoMute This is probably the best map on here. Beautiful design, bug-free, keeps you fascinated and wanting more for a long time. I especially love the upgrades, it makes the game so much better. I love how much effort you put into this, it seems like a different game entirely. Fantastic work, I'm loving it!

2015-08-31 03:57

Hayden is there a way to view your achievements? if not maybe implement it?

Love the game. played for an hour:

2015-08-31 00:08

brosef10 that is the coolest map ever the cannon are very insane

2015-08-30 12:32

Soullless games I love this map the Challenge, i was using it as a filler but getting more into it as i was recording i can admire all the work put into it, it makes me want to record more of it

2015-08-30 06:36

evolvingduck One of the best parkour maps I've ever played!
Keep making amazing maps!!

2015-08-29 09:34

king of parkour keep this epic work up, nice map buddy

2015-08-28 12:39

TommyPlayz This is the BEST and the COOLEST parkour map in the WORLD! You should make more maps like this because this one was EPIC! Keep up the good word. :D

2015-08-28 08:04

enderman708 This map is the bestest parkour map ever! the coin system is good the particles work theres more levels aswell. a very good map your maps are going to get popular very fast

2015-08-28 05:41

Daniel Viray Hello! I can say I like the map very much! I have made a youtube video that showcases it! Thank you map creator for making it! it is well made! I like the features and all that is in it!
Check out the video: search up Daniel Viray Jump Arena Part 1 (I havent published it yet,so there is no link yet)

2015-08-27 23:49

genessee yay! I LOVE NateT_Birds maps! can't Wait to do this one! by the way, kudos on crypt crawler! do you think you could make a crypt crawler 2? thanks, genessee,
nateT_Birds Biggest Fan!

2015-08-27 23:44


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