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Created by JUSTCAMH

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Map Info:
Welcome to Desolation survival! In this challenging, multiplayer friendly command block map, you are stuck on a weird alien planet with no way of escaping. The map comes with many features including Custom World Generation, More Challenging Night Times, Shorter Days and Much More! You and your crew were on an intergalactic space mission when you were attacked by space raiders! You are forced to flee your ship and use the escape pod to get to safety. However, rather than safety, you find that you have landed on a hostile alien planet!

On this planet:

  • Nothing is able to grow without bonemeal.
  • The days are shorter.
  • Meteors strike at night time.
  • Random debuffs at night.
  • Mobs don't burn at day.
  • There is a limited supply of wood and water, making survival difficult.
  • Ores have been made less common and spawn in smaller veins.
  • Water buckets can be dropped on a dirt block to turn the dirt into grass. This is because grass doesn't spread naturally.
  • Deadbushes destroyed by shears give two sticks.

The map should be 100% multiplayer compatible =). This means you can enjoy the challenge with friends!

If you make a video about the map, please comment about it in the comments below! I would love to see your lp! Also if you do make a video, please leave a link to this page!

If you enjoyed the map, why not check out my other command block survival map: Progression!

Map Details

(80 votes)
Version: 1.6
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 40 MB
Added: 2015-11-14
Downloads: 17,311
Category: Survival Maps


-2 Val900000 can i play this map in multiplayer?

2017-03-30 15:18


2016-12-19 00:56

0 doom in minecraft mobs can only spawn at least 25 blocks away from a player i think maybe you could make it so they can only cannot spawn in light.

2016-06-16 13:01

0 Nun ya business I noticed it says mobs don't burn at day but for me they do.

2016-02-15 23:06

0 grace5 This is a really cool map idea! The only problem is that I had trouble breaking objects... I can't even chop down a tree, which is bugging me. If you fix the lag, the map will be awesome and really fun to play!! :)

2016-02-15 14:08

0 A Player This map does have a lot of potential. I do like the concept of it and for those who are mad about there not being challenges then make your own. Challenge yourself to get to the point to where you have a constant reliable food source, full armor, and weapons. This map does provide a good survival challenge. However, I too experience the lag associated with this map. I have 32 gigs of RAM, 6TB of HD space, am using a GeForce GTX 970, and have 20 MB of internet speed. So my rig setup is certainly not the issue. But ultimately the constant lag associated with mining, attacking, etc. is what caused me to stop playing. It was just too much of an annoyance even though I enjoyed playing this.

2016-01-17 23:29

0 Alex Woods You know, this game is probably well-made and enjoyable. But how should I know when the lag keeps me from being able to play it at all? It shouldn't take me five minutes to break a single piece of wood, yet it does. The amount of lag makes the game frustratingly annoying. If you could fix this issue, I might consider playing it again.

2015-12-31 22:15

0 Isaque Soares hi, I enjoyed the Progression map, I'll try this. keep it up, I'm very fond of your maps

2015-11-15 23:29

+1 IcePlaysMC1 Hey, JUSTCAMH. I love new survival maps, but I didn't like this one. I personally don't like maps without goals or challenges to complete. Also, btw, Progression is a very addicting map, but I don't play it anymore because of the lack of activity. All you do is break cobblestone to *after like 10 hours of straight mining, minimum* finally take out the challenges. I know this is not Progression, but still wanted to note them both here. If you could maybe make additions, that'd be great! P.S: I know this is getting long, but one more request. Any chance you could either make a server to show me or post a youtube video of making a map and explain how to do it. Like, you know, maybe how you made Desolation or Progression? Thanks, because I really want to make a map, but I'm soooo much not a pro of redstone, especially command blocks. Thank you!

2015-11-15 23:21

+2 JUSTCAMH Hey guys, just found an error with the map, your spawnpoint is never set to the ship. So if the world file is not titled "Desolation 1.6" your spawnpoint will not be set. Either sleep in a bed or type /spawnpoint.
Sorry for the error, this should only affect the first 500 downloads, so if it's after then you should be fine.

2015-11-14 21:37

+2 David Hey, I made a video for you to watch. Enjoy my fail! Great map BTW! :)


2015-11-14 18:01


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