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Protect The Wither

Created by Wither_King_

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Map Info

In this fun minigame, your goal is to protect the wither for as long as you can from iron golems.

The setting is in a small forest and iron golems appear from each corner of the forest.

The Wither is in the middle and you have to protect him.

The Wither has 65 HP while the iron golems only have 20 HP.

You are invincible and it is your job to protect the Wither. The longer you protect the Wither, you get more experience points.

If you get enough experience points, you can buy upgrades to help you protect the Wither.


Map Details

Creator: Wither_King_
(124 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14
Size: 289 KB
Added: 2019-08-02
Downloads: 4,397
Category: PvE Maps


+5 wgairborne This 'challenge map" is the pinnacle of awful. Instead of providing a chest of armor and weapons, you force give armor and weapons that you have to throw away, which gets very annoying considering the kind of playstyle you're forced to play is, "click button, kill an iron golem, lose, restart". Next, the iron golems 90% of the time spawn right next to the wither and kill him in seconds. Next, NO KNOCKBACK. Are you serious? How do you think that works well in a defense map?

3/10 awful design with worse gameplay. extra point for decent looking areas.

2019-08-03 09:59

+9 zeenosworld i am sorry but this is crap i cant get the right xp

2019-08-03 02:57


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