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The Void Tests

Created by Jae_Elemental41

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Map Info

This puzzle map has 15 levels all of varying difficulty and theme, and a custom resource pack.

You have to be a player of all skills to not give up. [not too hard]

You need to use the resource pack that is included with the map download.

Includes some easter eggs.

All made by Jae_Elemental41 by hand.

Please report all issues to me.

Map Details

Creator: Jae_Elemental41
(32 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 2.21 MB
Added: 2016-03-29
Downloads: 2,470
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 MightyLordAlex The resource pack that came with it, Its not a zip.

2016-07-11 18:38

+1 KelvinMc HEY DUD, i will do a vid with my friend and maybe with u aswell of this map.

2016-04-18 20:31

0 Jae_Elemental Thanks For all the support I will begin on A sequal x)

2016-04-09 20:20

+1 AdrenalinRush Quoting Jae_Elemental:
No sorry I didnt think about that but if this gets popular I will do a sequel :) [that included]

You really should do a sequel.

2016-04-06 01:27

0 Jae_Elemental How?

Make Multiple crafting Tables?
Burning the wood for charcoal?

Restart the map

2016-04-03 18:51

0 nekosan Hi,

in the level with the golden pick axe to do if you use all the wood you can't finish or is their an other way?

2016-04-03 16:47

0 Jae_Elemental Oh boy I think I forgot to put the resource pack download

http://www.mediafire.com/download/q8xkyd1sh5bwk8i/Map+RP-Jae.zip sorry

2016-04-03 16:43

0 Legenedary Llama One of the very best 'first' maps i have ever played. You should make more maps.

2016-04-01 21:57

0 Jae_Elemental No sorry I didnt think about that but if this gets popular I will do a sequel :) [that included]

2016-03-30 23:29

+1 Newverni Is there any way to restart a level? There doesn't seem to be

2016-03-30 00:21


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