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The House

Created by marioboss56

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Map Info

As a ghost hunter, your goal is to find a ghost and prove to everybody that they are real. One of your good friends calls you to tell you about this abandoned house. But this house has a darker secret than you thought.


  • stay in Adventure Mode
  • don't cheat
  • VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Do not break ANY item frames, otherwise the map will be unplayable.

Extra Tips/Info:

  • You can pick up and move any items in item frames that can be picked up
  • This map is non-linear, you might have to back travel a lot.
  • The map does have a Solution Book integrated, to help you solve the map.
  • The puzzle difficulty of this map is average (5/10)
  • This map features puzzles that aren't specific to minecraft, but to actual escape rooms and games. So if you get stuck, try to think outside the box a little.
  • Also there are three secrets to find.


Map Details

Creator: marioboss56
(26 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 76 MB
Added: 2021-05-03
Downloads: 4,607
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 gbrielro this was a very good map! my runtime was of about 2 hours because i'm slow lmao, and aside for some spelling mistakes, this was well made. i had a lot of fun playing it!

2021-06-27 00:27

0 VVinzarry tell me how to open secrets, please. I really dunno how to open. I even tried in creative. Just no results...

2021-06-01 13:13


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