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The Box 2

Created by chompy33

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Map Info:
You thought you escaped the last time. Looks like you're wrong, my friend. You just fell into another trap.

This is The Box 2 (by chompy33)

More boxes, harder challenges, and more objects. Also, our antagonist doesn't talk as much :(

Anyway, download this map to see if you can solve all 15 boxes in The Box 2!

Also, I just wanted to thank you guys for over 5,000 downloads for the original map, The Box, in about 2-3 weeks! Also, very special thanks to BiG juNior for playing the first map on YouTube!

Map Details

Creator: chompy33
(3 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.4
Size: 212 KB
Added: 2015-07-03
Downloads: 7,759
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 weber now i can't beat bow 2-3

2018-01-25 15:50

0 voithkids WallHug, you need to hop into the hole in the wall ( the hole with the pistons behind it) and jump onto the pillar in front of it. There'll be a chest with a button to place on the wooden plank by the door.

2016-01-08 23:31

+1 100bitsandpixels Hey! What's up? Anyways, I made another video on your map. This was also pretty good. :), If you would like, check it out here. Yes, i know i'm a bit late to the party. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnV8zcMH34k

2015-07-19 04:20

+1 chompy33 Hey guys, I know there are some bugs in this map. I greatly apologize and will try to fix some major ones, such as keeping inventory on. Note some bugs may not be fixed as I will be making a new map very soon. (Go to https://plus.google.com/113250923201718144764/posts/GkP7e1Xa8Xj for very little info and recommendations )

2015-07-11 15:10

+2 riley Quoting Diamonds:
I can"t even beat box 1! Everything in the box leads me to believe ive got to sprint and jump to beat the pistons but i cant get it

you gotta walk on the pistons around it. took me a few seconds

2015-07-10 01:24

0 riley was an ok map. should have used saturation as when the game clears your inventory it erases your steak which made me have to do that :/ also between some boxes it doesn't set spawn point and you should have put keep inventory on.

2015-07-10 01:24

0 alshfik This Map Was Very Cool And Thanks For Making It =D It Wasn't Too Hard Or Too Easy For Me

2015-07-05 13:57

+1 BiG juNior Very nice map as the last one! :D Of course I did a gameplay to this one as well :D Check it out if you would like :

2015-07-04 12:11

0 wallhug I'm stuck in the room where there is a sign that says "Box 12"
What do I do?

2015-07-04 09:56

0 WildJakeSGaming Hello, thank you so much chompy33

This map was amazing, hope you make a third one, I 100% completed this map and recorded it, I am currently editing it, and I will upload it to my channel.

My youtube: WildJakeSGaming

2015-07-03 20:35

-1 MYGguy Very fun map.

Not super aesthetically pleasing really.
Spawn point not set for each box.

Nice puzzles though.

Thank you.


2015-07-03 18:09

0 Diamonds I can"t even beat box 1! Everything in the box leads me to believe ive got to sprint and jump to beat the pistons but i cant get it

2015-07-03 12:54

-1 King Kong Great map it was really fun and I didn't even have to cheat like I did on the first the box lol

2015-07-03 05:44


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