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Spiral Control

Created by Dieuwt external

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Have you ever had that feeling that you don't know which way to go because there are too many ways?

Probably not.

Well, you will.

Spiral Control is a challenging map, with a play time of about 1 hour, depending on how good you are. The goal is to reach the button on the top of 9 levels. Follow the rules, otherwise it will be way too easy.


  • 1. Gamemode Adventure.
  • 2. Difficulty Peaceful.
  • 3. No texture pack or something.
  • 4. Command Blocks on.
  • 5. Have fun.

If you're stuck (which is pretty hard), you may use game mode 1.

Good Luck!


Updated the map to 1.13! It's in a new world, with better messages, and no lag. Puzzles are the same.


Map Details

Creator: Dieuwt external
(48 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 1 MB
Added: 2016-05-31
Downloads: 2,994
Category: Puzzle Maps

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Luceammar84 Would love a second map! Fantastic, not too challenging but it still makes you think.

2016-06-13 19:58

lifeofchrome Wow. Mapmakers take note: Fancy block models, textures, sounds, and builds aren't necessary for a good map, it's the level design. And while this map doesn't have anything but level design, it has level design, and a brilliant level design at that. This map is one of my favorite maps, along side some maps like Terra Swoop Force and others. It's an incredible map! I thoroughly enjoyed it. There's a little bugs that need working out, but nothing that takes away from the experience, just a minor inconvenience. Keep it up, and here's to your next map! I really can't wait to play it.

Also, I might point out, a little aesthetic effects and other small things like /title-s can also really bring it to life, so just something to consider for your next map (if you make one - please do! :D).

2016-06-05 01:18

Vico By far one of the best Minecraft Maps I have ever played. Your sign didn't lie, level 9 was small but mean I went in so many circles trying to figure it out but I had a blast. Keep up the good work Dirk!

2016-06-04 02:55

Mastercrafter898 Awesome map but on level 5 the teleport didn't work so I checked in creative and there was not any commands in the command blocks.

2016-06-03 13:02

minecraftmom i think this is a parkour

2016-06-02 14:50

Rulerofthedeep This map was not difficult, which I like about it, but it was also very unique and fun! Keep up the good work!

P.S. Might want to fix the level 8 spawn point command, the command block was empty

2016-06-02 03:33

Dirk van Winden Quoting Takovu:
I enjoyed the map, but the end of Level 8 doesn't seem have a teleport command (had to complete the level twice), so I had to creative-fly over to Level 9.

Yeah, I know, I'll upload a new version of the map with some bug fixes.

2016-06-01 06:30

See_No_Evil This was a really fun map! I love the concept and haven't really seen this before. I liked this because its not one of the standard "find the hidden button" maps

Great Map, Hope You Make More!

2016-06-01 03:06

Takovu I enjoyed the map, but the end of Level 8 doesn't seem have a teleport command (had to complete the level twice), so I had to creative-fly over to Level 9.

2016-05-31 14:10


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