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Soup Adventure

Created by KyKyPy3Ka_YT

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Map Info

Welcome to the map Soup Adventure. On this map you will need to cook soups. Cooking recipes are present. There is an easter egg on the map.


  • 1. Do not use commands.
  • 2. Do not break blocks
  • 3. Play on Peaceful
  • 4. Do not knock objects out of frames.
  • 5. Follow the recipes

And most importantly, the oak and the shulker box are not the same.


Map Details

Creator: KyKyPy3Ka_YT
(31 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 908 KB
Added: 2020-05-12
Downloads: 1,539
Category: Puzzle Maps


+5 Yummy this is an awesome map! i like it plz have part 2

2020-05-13 06:57

+8 MinecraftChest2 I can't get passed the first level

2020-05-12 21:13

+15 Snailman Wonderful map.
Story was the most amazing piece of literature I have ever seen. The scene with THE stone man was so ... heartfelt. I almost cried.
This feeling when you make a soup.. I can only describe it as orgasmic.
I dont want to play anything else ever again. Only Soup adventure. I will play this for the rest of my life.

2020-05-12 17:55


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