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Secret Void

Created by IronEyeBall

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To download it is simple just cick download and there should be a folder in the bottom left corner of the screen then click it when done then copy the folder and put it in your minecraft saves folder and that's it! Hope you enjoy my map!

This map is about thinking outside the box.

By the way map will make you rage so hard that you will need to take a week break.

Also If you are Preston please know that I love what you are doing on your channel God bless you.

{Also if you are recording please put my channel in your video}

Hope you enjoy this map!

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Map Details

Creator: IronEyeBall
(64 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 1.6 MB
Added: 2018-03-16
Downloads: 1,230
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 Billy Whizz You forgot to put some of the commands in the command blocks

2018-03-19 17:30

+1 MLGLOL80 Hello i have played your map but i realised that it's broken. 1. the level with building block doesn't have a spawnpoint in the cmd. 2. the lvl with the red killer blocks doesnt have a button on the diamond one 3. lvl 7 has a button on the tree but the cmd is empty. tip before uploading a map make sure you download it urself first and den check that everything is working k thx have a nice day.

2018-03-18 14:13

+1 EmilyAnneT Did you play this map through? I found the button on lvl 7 but there is no command to it.

2018-03-18 06:46

0 Joe This map is stupid. To get passed the lobby you have to go through a ton of invisible blocks like a maze. I just quit after that. I would make it so you wouldn't have to keep guessing and just make it one straight path bc it is annoying

2018-03-17 22:32

+1 TheNovaQuestion sry to tell you this but your map is broke somewere there isnt eaven pressurplantes and commands.

2018-03-17 21:17

+1 CrazyCowMM Hey! I made a video on this map. Maybe you'll find it helpful if you're stuck! https://youtu.be/QfYMcByoCp0

2018-03-17 19:05

+1 Anonymous Like the idea, but short and kinda broken. There are a couple things that i think could use improving
1: make spawnpoints work for all players, not just one
2: On the second to last level, there seems to be no solution. There is a button leading to a command block with only "/" in it, and that seems to be the solution.
3: What even was the last level?!? if you were supposed to tp somewhere, where?
The levels that did work were pretty good, but again: short.

2018-03-17 16:26

+1 EmilyAnneT Awesome Map!!!! I love the puzzles!

2018-03-17 08:27

+1 CatCreamYT Just to be short, this map is great! I would rate it a high rating but the map is unfinished. I got to level 7 but the command isn't typed in to move me to the next level. Until then I hope you can update this map soon.

2018-03-17 03:22


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