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Pseudo Elephant Trials

Created by Pseudo Elephant external

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to play this in 1.16 it will say the map is for Minecraft 1.15, don't worry and proceed normally, the map still functions perfectly in 1.16 :D

Pseudo Elephant Trials is a puzzle map designed specifically for two players. The puzzles in the map are crafted in such a way that teamwork with your partner becomes absolutely crucial!

There are two main different types of puzzles in this map, the first type consist of spatial puzzles: in these you are given a specific tool with which you can navigate the environment, and then it is up to you and your friend to figure out how to do so. The second type of puzzle is more classical, here you are presented with a set of rules and a specific goal. You and your friend must use your critical thinking skills in order to solve it. Often in the map we tried combining these two different types of puzzles in order to create a an engaging and interesting experience.

Furthermore, we have hidden easter eggs throughout the map for you to find, these, as well as the main puzzles throughout the map, are accompanied by a set of 25 different custom advancements!

Map Details

Creator: Pseudo Elephant external
(207 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 12.2 MB
Added: 2020-07-16
Downloads: 22,924
Category: Puzzle Maps


+2 GardenGnome25 the punch bow glitched

2021-09-11 21:38

+1 CarlEmilEx played the map on a 1.16.1 server and the elevator after the parkour that's right after the puzzle where you push a block around crashes both players' games

2021-08-08 19:23

-1 kuroby we just did the 3rd best time. (1131)

2021-06-13 12:11

0 D0GE_L0VER1324 as me and my friend went up the elevator after the honey parkour(after the ice puzzle) we crashed.

2021-05-16 21:10

+48 Wire_fen The pigs spontaneously spawn and die on the first level

2020-08-26 00:53


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