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Cryptic: The Worlds

Created by Raxs_Slayer

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Cryptic: the worlds is a puzzle based map of which you are expected to overcome in order to gain your freedom from the clutches of a powerful force. To this point the reason in unknown as to why you have been stolen here, but you are being put to the test, if you have the will to fight on, you might just have what it takes to escape...

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All 4 Cryptic Environments

How Do i win?

There are 4 Levels in the game, 3 of which you are allowed to access at any given time. In each level there are 4 sub-levels of which you need to complete. You can complete them in any order but the "Sky Level" Must come last.

Complete the first 15 sublevels, then you can finally move on to the 4th in the sky realm.

Make Sure you play on peaceful!

If you enjoyed the map, why not try "CRYPTIC: Parkour"?

Thank you for reading. Now please enjoy the Map (: Feel free to post any responses or comments below.

Map Details

Creator: Raxs_Slayer
(7 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.6.4
Size: 7.65 MB
Added: 2013-08-08
Downloads: 22,271
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 KillerPixie My favorite map ever! Can anybody tell me how to pass te 4th Glacier sub-level and were to find the Glacier Cryotic Egg.

2015-05-14 18:57

+1 TastyKing2 Sorry, but I was making a puzzle map called Cryptic prior to having any knowledge of this maps existence. Is it OK with you if I keep the name? It's full name is Cryptic_.

2015-03-12 16:16

0 amberchick It was ok... I give it a 7.5 out of 10 because it's just not my type of map. Very challenging though!!

2014-06-01 01:25

+2 cheeseyman66 I had a glitch in the mines I only completed subs 1 and 2 and it said mines were finished.

2014-01-28 21:07

+1 KitKatCrystalxo im not sure if it says anywhere and i just cant find it, but are we allowed to take items from the previous level into the next one? like the sub-levels, not the main ones? sorry if this is a stupid question :L

2014-01-11 18:52

+1 FlashSpark I did a playthrough of this amazing map on my channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/FlashSpark29

2013-12-14 21:40

+1 Lucas Quoting Bebari12:
Where is the desert egg? I only found Sky, Glacier and Mines :/

Spoiler!! Spoiler!! Spoiler!! Spoiler!!

It is in stage 4 under some iron there's stone and you mine that stone and then you find it!

2013-11-18 15:53

+1 Lucas I'm in the mines right now and i think it's pretty cool. The only thing i don't like is the sound in the desert stage 4 and in the mines stage 2

2013-11-18 15:51

+1 jefery5678 Hey, here is the link for the first video of my let's play series for this: http://youtu.be/HaF2cBvlTSY you can find the rest of them on my channel.

2013-09-24 11:54

+1 Bebari12 Where is the desert egg? I only found Sky, Glacier and Mines :/

2013-08-20 15:56

+3 Samster99 I recorded myself and my brother playing this map!
I loved this map! (we did have to cheat though to save our spawnpoint and for some other things)

2013-08-20 00:05

+1 zammyhead Flicked both levers at the end, so it blew up and I escaped :P. Great map, going to play No. 2 now! :D

2013-08-15 13:41

+2 Hello The Sky spawn doesn't always work because the pressure plate + command block is too close to the door so sometimes it tries to spawn you into the wall. If you move it one block forward in the open, it works much better.

2013-08-14 10:10

+2 League_Of_Gamerz A very detailed and well designed map. The challenges both stretched you mentally and physically. The challenges themselves were, well challenging. And sometimes had the most simplest of answers, yet were crafted so that the conclusion was almost unthinkable straight away. However I now have to add a tiny bit of constructive criticism; I had a few problems with the sky spawn, and also had to wait an mc day to sleep in the beds. A great map, and I am already downloading the prequel.

2013-08-13 16:56

+3 FluffyFoLife Love the map! Had a ton of fun! i would love to see more from you and maybe we can get together and make a map ourselves!

2013-08-12 22:44

-1 Realmcopier I played this on my YouTube channel, I linked the map download and your YouTube.

2013-08-12 19:45

+2 Painkillerr I really enjoyed playing this map. I hope you will make more of these :D

2013-08-11 11:47

+2 Rhett Quoting TreePuncher2140:
I love this map. MORE MORE MORE!

There will be more :D

2013-08-11 09:49

+3 Rhett Quoting jungle68:
Being an experienced minecraft map consumer, I must say this map is quite interesting. I hope Cryptics 2 will have more of a plot, though.

You'd be surprised how strong the plot is :D You learn a lot from the prequel which i am working on now. It explains a lot as to why you are there, what is happening and why. It makes a lot of sense out of things (:

2013-08-11 09:48

+5 jungle68 Being an experienced minecraft map consumer, I must say this map is quite interesting. I hope Cryptics 2 will have more of a plot, though.

2013-08-10 17:50

+7 Minecrafter 5 How could this ever not been a hit? This is one of the best puzzle maps I have ever seen! I really like how instead of just searching for a lever you have to craft a lever instead. I loved it and can't wait for a sequel! My only gripe was that the sub progress 3 redstone torch only turns on after flipping the sub progress 4 lever. Still, one of the best puzzle maps I have played!

2013-08-10 16:19

+4 Pancake Man, What to say about this map..
Let me start off by saying that NO MAP has pulled me into it as much as this one. You actually made me think what i was doing and i had the most amazing time doing so.
The ending was amazing. I WONT SPOIL ANYTHING, BUT!
As i made the final choice, i closed my eyes as the TNT sizzles around me.
Thank you for this experience.
Thank you.

2013-08-10 15:21

+4 TreePuncher2140 I love this map. MORE MORE MORE!

2013-08-10 04:32

+5 InfiniteGamer With this map being the first in a series I already look forward to future sequels! :)

2013-08-10 02:02

+7 roboboboy the sub progress:3 redstone torch from the desert is not working. Is this a problem?

2013-08-09 13:33


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