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Confusing Cubes

Created by Apatche, Luiql

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Map Info

Welcome to Confusing Cubes!

This map was created to test your Minecraft limits. Your knowledge, stamina and sanity will all be tested in these "Confusing Cubes". The overall goal of the map is to defeat all fifteen cubes. At first glance, it may seem to be an easy task, but it will soon turn into a much more grueling task as time progresses. Who is responsible for this treachery? You could say the map makers, but there may be an even more ominous threat lurking within the world. 


For your best experience, we highly suggest the following:

  • Use Minecraft version 1.14.2 (yes, this specific version, but OptFine 1.14.2 works too)
  • Play in Adventure Mode
  • Don't cheat (this is a no brainer, but we do provide a video tutorial down below)
  • Don't throw your items in holes (this means holes in the floor and walls, so you don't soft lock yourself)
  • Don't rename items in the anvil
  • Play with render distance 16+ (this is so command blocks are loaded in, but you can give or take a few chunks)

Note: This map is multiplayer compatible, but we suggest single player to minimize potential glitches.

Quick Facts

Some quick facts for the people still reading:

  • This map takes an average of 60 minutes to complete. Some people may complete it faster or slower.
  • There are over 800 command blocks in the world!
  • This map was constructed in 2 weeks!
  • We have a Discord! Click the hyperlink to see.
  • We are open to YouTubers playing and recording our map!
  • We have a tutorial video here (for the quitters)

Note: If you find any bugs, then please comment down below so we can fix them as soon as possible.


- Initial public map release

- Removed pre-existing nether portal in Level 1

- Replaced red terracotta block with redstone block in Level 1
- Changed Carlos' anvil trade to fit the previous change

- Added precaution to stop players from discarding items in holes
- Fixed cloning bug that deleted the crafting table in Level 3
- Modified the Experimental Tool Upgrader to give back non-upgradable items

- Extinguished campfire after first use
- Removed Experimental Tool Upgrader input chest after Level 8
- Patched potential carved pumpkin deletion on Level 11
- Changed world spawn to the White Room


Map Details

Creator: Apatche, Luiql
(212 votes)
Version: 1.4
MC Version: 1.14.2
Size: 4.1 MB
Added: 2019-07-28
Downloads: 12,813
Category: Puzzle Maps

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+4 ness27 Very fun and engaging map! Though I did enjoy it, here are the glitches I noticed while playing this as of August, 2020:
The blaze rods still can't be crafted into blaze powder to use for fuel.
The level with the doors (I believe it was the second to last level) glitched so the door with the particle effects didn't do anything. This was very disappointing because it prevented me from finishing the map!
My overall experience was good, but please fix this glitch!

2020-08-26 03:41

+8 woven_spade yo uhm so the blaze powder issue somewher in the comments i also came across but when finding the stone button in each room, the yellow one just doesnt work? really odd dunno how to fix it

2019-10-07 07:12

+8 WCCC Found a couple of issues with this map.
1. Blaze powder cannot be crafted from blaze rods after a certain point in the map. I tested this after learning about the bug, but forgot to pay attention to which point it stops being craftable. Still, it happens after a certain point in the level. For any players reading this, PLEASE do yourself a favor and craft blaze powder immediately.
2. If you right click frame perfect while breaking the smooth stone above the chest (it regenerates rapidly for buying the sponge), you can get the cyan block early. You can then place it where the sponge is supposed to go and break the map. Given the similarity between this and getting to the thing behind the 2nd piece of cobble, I assumed this was intentional. Oops.

2019-09-05 05:06

+25 Quizomba I couldnt craft the blazerods into blazepowder but it was amazing for overall

2019-08-23 14:43

+5 cah9_bapbap Quoting Fluxx_:
This map was really easy too, took me like 20 minutes.

Man, walkthrow to this map took 31 minutes. Just say how?

2019-08-21 06:00

+10 Pesty Menace I uploaded part 2 if ya guys want to give it a watch. Again, I'm really looking forward to your future maps!


2019-08-04 01:30

+8 Pesty Menace This map was one of the most fun puzzle maps I have ever played, I really enjoyed it. I made a video on it too, check it out if ya want!


2019-08-03 20:20

+4 Macy Love the map the only problem I have is in the yellow some of the pistons don't work when I click the button

2019-08-02 22:22

-5 Fluxx_ This map was really easy too, took me like 20 minutes.

2019-08-02 01:12

+6 Fluxx_ i wanted to keep the luiql head

2019-08-02 01:06

+7 Swagg So I was curious if I could upgrade 2 tools at a time and put my pick and shears in and only got shears back, pick is gone

2019-08-01 18:11

+5 wow I think this was the best puzzle map I have ever played

2019-07-31 11:21

+5 czCube Its very good map, i really enjoy it, but... in tutorial, you dont have portal to nether completed, but in map have, then is flint and steel and obsidian ussles, but otherwise, as i say its good map. 10/10

PS: Gameplay not 1h but 5h :D

2019-07-30 21:46

+2 ItemBuyer yep, couldn't finish the first level after 20 mins, lives up to its name
or i am of the highest caliber of biggot
or the two combined

2019-07-30 04:19

+1 Salome Hello !

Nice map, congratulations !

Maybe someone already noticed you but :
- The Nether portal is already operational and it's not supposed to, you should update this ;)
- Some reset buttons should be needed. For example, in the red room, if you put the concrete block where the anvil should be, you're stuck

Have a good day, and congratulations again !

2019-07-30 03:03

+2 3do3d ??? The map already has the nether portal complete

2019-07-29 23:12

+2 Anonim BUG: Portal was created after I joined

2019-07-29 17:40

+1 witherfroakie did you intend for the player to make the nether portal in the red room? Because it was there when I started and I finished with obsidian blocks that weren't used.

2019-07-29 16:41

+4 Apatche Hey everyone! Just an update, the map is currently undergoing construction for v1.1 to account for a few bug fixes (including the portal being there at the start of the map). Please stand by for newer versions of the map (most likely this week).

2019-07-29 16:32

+2 carpyet The first level is glitched, the portal was already made and I have nowhere to place the obsidian.

2019-07-29 03:19


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