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Confusing Cubes

Created by Apatche, Luiql

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Map Info

Welcome to Confusing Cubes!

This map was created to test your Minecraft limits. Your knowledge, stamina and sanity will all be tested in these "Confusing Cubes". The overall goal of the map is to defeat all fifteen cubes. At first glance, it may seem to be an easy task, but it will soon turn into a much more grueling task as time progresses. Who is responsible for this treachery? You could say the map makers, but there may be an even more ominous threat lurking within the world. 


For your best experience, we highly suggest the following:

  • Use Minecraft version 1.14.2 (yes, this specific version, but OptFine 1.14.2 works too)
  • Play in Adventure Mode
  • Don't cheat (this is a no brainer, but we do provide a video tutorial down below)
  • Don't throw your items in holes (this means holes in the floor and walls, so you don't soft lock yourself)
  • Don't rename items in the anvil
  • Play with render distance 16+ (this is so command blocks are loaded in, but you can give or take a few chunks)

Note: This map is multiplayer compatible, but we suggest single player to minimize potential glitches.

Quick Facts

Some quick facts for the people still reading:

  • This map takes an average of 60 minutes to complete. Some people may complete it faster or slower.
  • There are over 800 command blocks in the world!
  • This map was constructed in 2 weeks!
  • We have a Discord! Click the hyperlink to see.
  • We are open to YouTubers playing and recording our map!
  • We have a tutorial video here (for the quitters)

Note: If you find any bugs, then please comment down below so we can fix them as soon as possible.


- Initial public map release

- Removed pre-existing nether portal in Level 1

- Replaced red terracotta block with redstone block in Level 1
- Changed Carlos' anvil trade to fit the previous change

- Added precaution to stop players from discarding items in holes
- Fixed cloning bug that deleted the crafting table in Level 3
- Modified the Experimental Tool Upgrader to give back non-upgradable items

- Extinguished campfire after first use
- Removed Experimental Tool Upgrader input chest after Level 8
- Patched potential carved pumpkin deletion on Level 11
- Changed world spawn to the White Room

- Added blaze powder recipe in the Magenta Room
- Added villager dialogue to the Magenta Room
- Fixed the ending of Level 9


Map Details

Creator: Apatche, Luiql
(242 votes)
Version: 1.5
MC Version: 1.14.2
Size: 5.2 MB
Added: 2019-07-28
Downloads: 17,198
Category: Puzzle Maps

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+3 Apatche The final version of the map has been released. I will no longer be updating this map, but the sequel, "Confusing Cubes 2," will be released very soon!

2021-04-04 14:19

+3 MegaBandit I'm someone who doesnt have much experience with brewing potions. To make the potion in the magenta room, you need to first put the nether wart, then the rabbits foot, but I happened to have rabbits foot and not the nether wart, since i hadn't found the hoe yet. I basically softlocked myself by creataing a mudane potion, making it impossible to try again.

2020-12-27 03:10

+2 Skeleblook An absolutely amazing puzzle level, I got stuck many times myself but the reasons were almost all of the time reasonable.
All I noticed on my playthrough is that there's one small fatal glitch that stops it from being a completely cheat-free run. The cyan concrete in the chest can't be placed on the color clock in the later rooms, because in text it says it can only be placed on "Cyan Terracotta" instead of "Cyan Concrete Powder."
Other than that, amazing design, amazing story, I enjoyed the whole thing.

2020-12-14 02:11

+2 Seth A couple bugs!
Blaze rods still don't craft into blaze powder, and the button in the yellow room doesn't work, causing me to not be able to finish the map. Otherwise, it was great!!!

2020-12-03 00:02

+3 Brian Accidently used the green_concrete_ powder shovel to carve the pumpkin on the snow golem and then lost the shovel. Cannot get the green concrete powder or the chest behind it.

2020-11-15 23:39

+1 DaxInvader I really enjoyed it, However there are a few things:
The craft of the blaze powder bug as other mentioned is present. You need to "magically" acquire some to progress if you cant craft it.

If you hate parkour, You will hate a specific room with disappearing cubes. There is some lag with the command blocks that was annoying and it takes forever to complete if you suck at parkour, like I do.

You need to squeeze between a bookshelf and a chest and I think I spent an hour fiddling as I could not fit at all, you need to be super precise.

The red stained glass is the only thing I found unfair. They are hidden in diabolical places and are needed to finish. Took me way more than 60 minutes.

8/10 overall. I had great fun and the map is very engaging and you are on edge to see what is next .

2020-11-06 18:25

+1 Kkobari Quoting woven_spade:
yo uhm so the blaze powder issue somewher in the comments i also came across but when finding the stone button in each room, the yellow one just doesnt work? really odd dunno how to fix it

I think the problem is that the chunks with commandblocks don't load, I fixed it by doing /setworldspawn in the last room so that they stay loaded, didn't have any problems after that.

2020-10-30 16:26

+1 Apatche Hello, this is one of the map creators. We have heard your bug reports regarding various aspects of the map, such as the blaze powder recipe not working. We have fixed these issues nearly a year ago, but minecraft maps has yet to update our map, even though we submitted a request back in late 2019. Due to the website’s slow manual response, the map will unfortunately not be able to be updated anymore, so please follow the rules and tutorials to complete the map. Thanks for playing! My discord is Josh#4819 if you have any questions.

2020-09-16 21:58

+5 ness27 Very fun and engaging map! Though I did enjoy it, here are the glitches I noticed while playing this as of August, 2020:
The blaze rods still can't be crafted into blaze powder to use for fuel.
The level with the doors (I believe it was the second to last level) glitched so the door with the particle effects didn't do anything. This was very disappointing because it prevented me from finishing the map!
My overall experience was good, but please fix this glitch!

2020-08-26 03:41

+2 Oztrixx cant get the second player head to trade with.... wont let me break it

2020-08-11 18:48

+1 Araneus I was able to break my wooden shovel and wooden sword by hitting the rabbit with them... before i had used the shovel for its purpose or tried to put them in the upgrader

2020-08-02 22:34

0 Apatche Just making sure messages still work. I have been trying to update the map for the past several months to it's final version, but it hasn't been working. Just use the map download link in the description of the tutorial video. Thanks for playing!

2020-04-16 00:33

0 Emerois Best map i have ever played ! Can be done in duo :)
Some little bug (can't place a block that must be place), but gamemode creative and it's done. Really goog map !!! 5*

2020-01-04 12:25

0 MinecraftSTEVE Quoting woven_spade:
yo uhm so the blaze powder issue somewher in the comments i also came across but when finding the stone button in each room, the yellow one just doesnt work? really odd dunno how to fix it

Who the hell knows when it's gonna be fixed!

2019-11-17 12:11

0 Cubic Infinity A big thing that needs to be resolved: In the cyan room it's possible to get the cyan concrete out of the chest before even getting the sponge. You then willy-nilly put it where it seems to go and you're stuck. I did that. I also had a problem with converting the blaze rod to powder. Because of these kinds of problems, I got switched into the mode of cheating rather than playing it correctly.

Other than that, this is a clever map, even if very frustrating. I cheated on a couple parkour spots because they are just really hard.

2019-11-03 01:14

+7 woven_spade yo uhm so the blaze powder issue somewher in the comments i also came across but when finding the stone button in each room, the yellow one just doesnt work? really odd dunno how to fix it

2019-10-07 07:12

0 blop Me and my friend got stuck turning the rooms white because the stone button in the cyan (tool upgrader) room didnt work when we pressed it.

2019-09-23 19:44

0 Lewis1206 i was playing and in the find the button part in every room the button in the yellow room isnt working i watched the vid and its the right one, kinda ruined the map now since i cant finish

2019-09-15 16:47

0 Apatche For some reason many comments aren't being approved, as well as the map update. I plan to update to v1.5, which I've tried countless times within the past month, to fix all known bugs. Until then, please type '/recipe give @p blaze_powder' if you are unable to craft it.

2019-09-12 21:40

0 Chr0n4s nope nvm the stone button in the red room works... had the view distance from the server to low

2019-09-05 05:57

0 Chr0n4s the stone button in the red room doesnt work

2019-09-05 05:32

+9 WCCC Found a couple of issues with this map.
1. Blaze powder cannot be crafted from blaze rods after a certain point in the map. I tested this after learning about the bug, but forgot to pay attention to which point it stops being craftable. Still, it happens after a certain point in the level. For any players reading this, PLEASE do yourself a favor and craft blaze powder immediately.
2. If you right click frame perfect while breaking the smooth stone above the chest (it regenerates rapidly for buying the sponge), you can get the cyan block early. You can then place it where the sponge is supposed to go and break the map. Given the similarity between this and getting to the thing behind the 2nd piece of cobble, I assumed this was intentional. Oops.

2019-09-05 05:06

+1 Chr0n4s the button in Magenta is missing

2019-09-05 04:40

0 Chr0n4s Quoting Quizomba:
I couldnt craft the blazerods into blazepowder but it was amazing for overall

I also cant craft it.

2019-09-05 04:38

+1 Matt BUG: The final hidden button in the red room did nothing and caused me to be unable to finish the map. (Color reset command blocks on top of each room also did nothing at all).

2019-09-03 20:45

0 Taby20 Hi I got a glitch where it took me to a regular nether instead of the continued map what should I do?

2019-09-03 10:13

0 Wordly THIS WAS AWESOME! Oh please make more, this was so much fun to play. It's been a while before I enjoyed a map as much as this!

2019-09-03 07:41

0 SlipperyC It is a very good map but is a bit buggy with the pink level

2019-09-02 13:00

0 averyowo (spoiler) i can't press the button in ricardo's head. is there a way to fix this? i've already tried restarting the world twice now

2019-09-02 00:55

0 Nondescriptgamer The puzzles were fun, but I had to look at the tutorial for quite a few things that I wasn't familiar with in MC (wtf is a shulk box?). I can't blame you for things in MC that I'm not familiar with, but the "find the hidden item with no clues" and the jumping challenges just absolutely killed me and I don't think they belong in a puzzle map. I finally had to give up on the purple room jumping challenge and just use creative mode to fly to the end point. There were so many parts where I figured out the puzzle part but couldn't manage the skill part and had to cheat it. That wasn't fun.

2019-09-01 19:59


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