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Cobble Trouble

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Cobblestone is one of the most common blocks in Minecraft. So common that we usually don't think too much about it.

But do you actually know everything there is to know about Cobblestone?

This is a Cobblestone-themed puzzle map with 15 levels designed to let you find that out. Maybe you'll then realize just how far Cobblestone has come since before the Pre-Classic era...



2021-11-12 - Map Released.

Update v1.4:
After several complaints on about Level 7 being impossible, I decided to playtest it myself, and finally discovered what the problem was: a typo in the command used to summon the Tool Provider when I was first making the map. Oops.

>Fixed an incorrect trade amount.

Update v1.3
Changelog Version 1.3

>All hint signs have been removed. They are now replaced by hint buttons (on Honeycomb Blocks) in the relevant levels.

>Fixed an item farming exploit involving reset buttons.

>Two of the trades have their costs drastically reduced (8 cobblestone stairs instead of 64, and 32 dirt blocks instead of 128 or two full stacks).

>Increased the ceiling height of Level 15 by four blocks.

Update v1.2
Changelog Version 1.2

>Map updated for Version 1.18.1

>modified some levels
-Level 7 now provides you with more cobblestone to start with. Previously, there wasn't enough cobblestone to get you everything, making the level impossible. Oops. Reset button has also been updated to account for this.
-Cobblestone bridgemaker in Level 9 has been modified. Now you have an easier time getting a required block to face the way you want when you place it.
-Added a couple of hints to some levels to help you find the solution.
-One question in Level 14 has been updated to specify "as of Version 1.17".
-Stone generator for moss block farm in Level 15 now has pre-placed water, with the reset button updated to account for this.
-Level 15 has a few nonessential blocks removed to account for new monster spawning rules in 1.18.
-New, simpler victory room with a new Easter Egg included.

Update v1.1

This is a high-priority update! Please update to this version as the previous version has a bug that rendered it unwinnable!

-A level was rendered unbeatable due to a missing button. That button has been properly added.
-Closed all iron doors that were meant to be closed.

Map Details

Map Creator: Pvt_Winters
(77 votes)
Map Version: v1.4
Minecraft Version: 1.18.1
File Size: 2.6 MB
Date Added: 2021-11-12
Downloads: 8,132
Map Category: Puzzle Maps

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