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Team Boost

Created by Sparkour

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Map Info

Team Boost is a Parkour based minecraft game, Made for 1 to 4 players. There are a total of 2 levels... But within the first level is 5 stages. Be aware that some blocks have some cool features such as providing a player with jump boost, Speed, Levitation, or death, But not every block does something beyond ordinary. The original Team Boost had a story line, But the story was later removed completely, due to it not making hardly any sense.

When starting the map, You should spawn in a futuristic hub, if you don't spawn in the hub, you'll spawn next to a square filled with string, Simply touch the tripwires to be teleported to the Hub. The hub contains rules for the game, important signs to gaze upon, a level selection, bonus features, and a choice to begin the game. If you choose to begin the game, or finish a stage/level all players will teleport to you. 

The map was created by Sparkour (a.k.a darebird321) alone. 

At the end of the 5th stage (first level), a secret room will open up, that can be easily accessed, this room contains player heads that belong to users who have inspired the build.


Map Details

Creator: Sparkour
(46 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10
Size: 569 KB
Added: 2016-06-18
Downloads: 3,387
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Sparkour Quoting tykodey:
hey, you can update the mpa, so mind putting in more walls/clearer directions? i dont know where to go some of the time

"Some of the time" If you could be a bit more specific on what stages to put clearer directions on, i would gladly update the map in those regions.

2017-07-06 18:32

0 tykodey hey, you can update the mpa, so mind putting in more walls/clearer directions? i dont know where to go some of the time

2016-07-15 16:25

0 Sparkour (In reply to Creepist) If i understand what your saying correctly then yes, that's supposed to happen. The sign that says "You can't make it" is there to discourage people from map exploiting, however after uploading the map to this website i found out map exploiting is VERY possible, and i didn't take enough time to exploit-proof it.

2016-07-01 16:03

0 TheExpertist I was jumping at stage 3 level 1, i dont know where to go, so i went to the corner jumps and i was like "Ohhhhh so this is the way!" But i found a tunnel and stepped on a pressure plate and it said Stage 4, i was like "hmmmmmmmm, very hard", this does take LONG, so next time your making a map, add walls

2016-06-18 15:06

0 Creepist Good map! But when i get to the part in level 1, stage 1 when i go through the levitator i went to the place with the "You cant make it" Sign, i was confused becuase there wasnt any place where i can go but i did see purpur slabs infront of me, i went there using the levitator, stepped on the pressure plate and said "Stage 2" Should that supposed to happend?

2016-06-18 14:59


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