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SkyLands Parkour

Created by CarstensKraft

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Map Info:
This is a parkour map set in the sky. You have to make your way though different biome themed mini-islands that are all connected, in order to reach the end and complete the map.

The biomes include:

  • Jungle.
  • Mushroom.
  • Ice Spikes.
  • Desert.
  • Nether.
  • End.
  • Redwood Forest.
  • Savana.
  • Island of Riches.

Made by CarstensKraft.

I hope you have fun playing this map.

Map Details

Creator: CarstensKraft
(17 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 957 KB
Added: 2015-12-07
Downloads: 11,318
Category: Parkour Maps


+4 Ĺ eha Good map my bro !!! I am recording your maps :D !!!

2016-01-29 20:53

-5 Margot I have a few notes:
1. If you decide to make a superflat map you should also off buildings so there isn't a village breaking the ground in the background.
2. In a map with a sky theme you should make the parkour in the sky where you can't see the ground (it is more aesthetically pleasing).
3. Dying after the first biome takes a long time so automatic killing is very helpful.
4. The ending of the map was anticlimactic and seeing the pistons made it look sloppy.
5. The checkpoints looked silly sticking out of the ground.

I did like the way the mushrooms were on invisible blocks.

2015-12-12 03:36

-2 John Sequel please :)

2015-12-10 18:05

-1 Ollie Nice map dude! Hopefully the sequel will be as good as this! However, there is one area in the jungle part where you can climb the vines and cheat, but other than that it was great! :)

2015-12-10 17:21

-1 Deklaswas the map was really fun. i never knew why biome themed maps always stuck with me, but is was cool

2015-12-09 23:26

+1 Blast07 I Played this Map in 30 minutes i was Finished. I hope the next map is longer! but it was one of the best one i played!

2015-12-09 16:19

+3 Luis good map bro, greetings from Peru

2015-12-07 18:39

+1 Jacob N. Sweet map :) i really enjoyed it. Can`t wait for the sequel :)

2015-12-07 16:58


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