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Parkour Stairs

Created by vanilla_the_cat

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Map Info

Parkour your way up a giant staircase with 30 unique levels. Every level has a unique theme and layout, some with special twists. 


  • 1. Stay in adventure mode
  • 2. Don't cheat
  • 3. If you fall down a level you can use /kill to get back to your latest checkpoint
  • 4. Play in peaceful
  • 5. Turn clouds off
  • 6. All levels are possible and shouldn't be too hard
  • 7. Have fun


Map Details

Creator: vanilla_the_cat
(775 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 3.3 MB
Added: 2021-03-01
Downloads: 28,608
Category: Parkour Maps


tigerking2000 im stuck on a level where im in a dark room with a wood button i click it do the parkour but then theres no where to go what do i do?

2021-05-27 14:09

Infanitewarrior8 I couldn't get past the first level, the one with bees and stuff, because i literally couldn't go anywhere there were no blocks to get on a parkour path or to go underground

2021-04-11 06:06

THDPRO what is this you cant even pass the first level!!! or the second one

2021-03-17 14:02

Jakurczaczek It is epic in the photos, so I hope it will be very epic in minecraft too ;)

2021-03-15 08:28

PochthepandaYT This is a good game

2021-03-13 15:45

TeacherDor This map is actually parkour fun but command block and gameplay poor.

I would suggest you to get a command block programmer to help you out, and then go out with V2 cause it's actually a decent parkour map.

I can help you out with the commands if you want, add me up on Discord : Dor#7568

2021-03-11 15:33

Linguini419 the first level isnt even possinle

2021-03-11 01:23

ISimpForKarlJacobs i had a lot of fun playing this game! it was easy and fun :D my friends even tried it out and they said it was amazing and one of their fav minecraft maps! you probably spend a lot of time working on this, so i will rate it 5 stars :DDDDD not only because you probably worked hard on this but because its amazing! i have had so much fun playing this that i will play it again UwU

2021-03-07 10:00

Abdullah amazing

2021-03-07 08:07

Random Doggy Kinda hard but cool

2021-03-06 12:54

Alex Really good map. Very simple good parkour. Only recommendation would be that the second level can be a bit confusing as the button is kinda hard to see but otherwise I enjoyed it.

2021-03-05 02:42

Mindy Really fun map. A lot of visual diversity. Not too many complaints except that sometimes the checkpoints don't work. I kept getting sent back to the jail house. It wasn't until I got to the cat level that it started to see that point as my new checkpoint.

2021-03-04 01:42

a dude looks like a NOICE map

2021-03-03 20:39

CadGames Hello There! We just played this map for the first time a couple nights ago and all I gotta say is that this map was so much fun! There were so many unique things about it and plus there were things that we have never seen before used in a parkour map! I totally recommend this map to anyone who loves parkour! We did make 2 videos on the whole map and I saw that there weren't any videos on youtube (well at least when I searched for it at this time) but thank you for making such an awesome map! We will be looking forward to your future projects! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRHFEqW4EAq9d-7ilIOEGOR_YSp9MNJHC

2021-03-03 20:27

Liam Can someone tell me how to get past the first level with the bees?
there isnt a 1 block high jump. the lowest is a fence or 2 block tower
so there is nowhere you can get up

2021-03-03 08:08


2021-03-02 18:32

Batman24024 I really enjoyed this map. It wasn't too hard or too easy. It was the perfect difficulty for me. It is very well made!

2021-03-02 16:45

Bizarre Was a cool map, some of the levels could have has a little more guidance on where to go.

2021-03-02 03:54


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