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Odd Block Parkour

Created by JayMineCrafton

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Map Info:
Welcome to Odd Block Parkour; a prequel to my map: 34 Days Without Cake. I'm sure you're used to doing parkour on normal blocks, but have you ever tried to parkour on brewing stands or cactus?

It makes for quite an interesting challenge! Try your hand at Odd Block Parkour and post your record in the comments below 

Note: If you're playing this on a server, make sure you have command blocks enabled as they are used for checkpoints at the end of each section. 

Rules: If you feel like you're breaking the map, you probably are. Don't cheat!

Map by: JayMineCrafton

Map Details

Creator: JayMineCrafton
(6 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.1
Size: 1.3 MB
Added: 2014-12-04
Downloads: 21,060
Category: Parkour Maps


+2 beanieneff Great map... Love your works

2015-01-11 01:39

+1 JayMineCrafton Quoting superBUTTERgal:
Great map 9/10 but one thing...
WHY SO SHORT D: your maps are epic even if short but this was very short i like the checkpoints! :D

I tend to make my maps shorter because I like them to be Youtube friendly. If you want longer maps, you should check out my survival maps :)

2014-12-30 22:00

+3 superBUTTERgal Great map 9/10 but one thing...
WHY SO SHORT D: your maps are epic even if short but this was very short i like the checkpoints! :D

2014-12-24 15:41

0 PowerMoves10 Is it me or is the cactus the easiest

2014-12-20 05:17

-2 TwiisT3D_SOUL Died 23 times, quite bad...

2014-12-15 02:43

+2 Ender_Ninja03 54 deaths :)

2014-12-08 00:38

+5 cinaclan I really suck at this parkour!!!!!!

89 deaths ;)XD

But I enjoyed it a lot!! Thanks for making this!

2014-12-07 20:25

+6 AlviRcNikola 166 DEATHS!!! Good or Bad? ;) i think awful ;) ;) ;)

2014-12-06 10:26

+2 kyle Love it! I died 18 times because im rubbish at parkour

2014-12-05 17:36

+12 XxLoneWolf15 Haha! I like how you think we can live while jumping on 10 cactus with out dieing! HAHA! Soooo funny!

2014-12-05 00:59

+2 technoadam2000 First try, i got 14 deaths. Very good map, except i wish there were more levels. 4 levels makes the map about 5 minutes long.

2014-12-05 00:16


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