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White Nightmare 2 - Into the Void

Created by PixxelHeartt

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Map Info

So, you thought you could remove Herobrine....

In the last adventure, you tried to banish Herobrine for good, using an ancient weapon known as the Molten Star.....but something went terribly wrong.

You were dragged along with him into the Portal, and supposedly doomed to the Nether forever. But a strange twist in fate has brought you to the realization that you are now lost in a strange, never-before-seen dimension known as the Land of the Void.

Surrounded by bubbling rivers of acid, strange crooked trees and a bloodred double moon looming in the shadowed sky, you now know that the blackness beneath the End dimension is not empty.

Constantly on the alert for Herobrine, you must travel through this Land of the Void, solving puzzles and encountering terrifying new creatures as you seek escape from this hidden realm.

But throughout your journey, you learn about a mysterious being known as the 'Encryptor'.....and you can't help wondering if this realm might hold a new danger....perhaps more terrifying than the White-Eyed One himself......

Additional Info

  • Includes Resource Pack
  • For Minecraft version 1.12.1
  • Singleplayer
  • Horror/slightly puzzle map (All puzzles are possible)
  • Personalized storyline
  • New items and customized armor! (no mods!)
  • Customized monsters
  • HUGE Boss Battle (Please don't rage quit, it will be difficult!)
  • Realistic Herobrine......and something else.....

Have fun!!!!


Map Details

Creator: PixxelHeartt
(178 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.1
Size: 109 MB
Added: 2017-09-16
Downloads: 7,753
Category: Horror Maps


+7 Fadhlu8140 This is Good Map

2018-05-14 12:35

+7 ShadowDream Is there any jumpscare?

2017-10-27 17:32

+4 x-13 I would do this on the prequel to but. I'm lazy. when I saw the first map I thought "that is not original, but I got nothing better to do" do I played it and once I did I thought "THAT WAS ORIGINAL AND AMAZING!" and I'm about to play this one but I know its gonna be amazing

2017-10-25 17:27

+4 303Girl05 SWEET MOTHER OF CHEESE! The map was so good! Can't wait for an awesome part 3! YOU GO PIXXEL! :D

2017-10-22 21:08

+5 ZoeMortel Wow, this is the first time that I really love a map, Good job, seriously it was really great!

2017-10-06 16:45

+3 KelsiThePyrofly I'm so excited that you made another part. Sorry it took me so long to play it. This maps is awesome. I definitely recommend it. Here are my videos of the map if anyone is interested :)

2017-10-06 02:54

+3 HeroicGinger What a wonderful job just uploaded the video for it. Hope you all will give it a looks and PIXXELHEARTT Nice job :)


2017-09-22 00:07

-2 TilightCreeper I looked at the pictures and description and I think it's pretty good

2017-09-21 08:18

-2 HalitSuad wow this map is soo good but I want to fight whit the boss. And when herobrine and some other combine and make entity 303 if you jump and move forward you can walk I think thats a bug . if you make another map I will play that instantly =)

2017-09-19 13:57

+2 A5 Sorry to send this many comments, but i have another question. Can u complete the next part till 31 October,
its my birthday and Hallowe'en. And therefore ill live stream the map on my channel.

2017-09-19 04:21

+3 Aayushyamaan Loved your map so much will wait for the next part

2017-09-18 20:25

+2 A5 This was superb and I want this sequel going on FAR, as I loved it. the video will be out tomorrow!! please check it out. my channel link is:
PixxelHeartt, I have a question, can I become a beta tester to these sequence please? I would love if I can join a group as I want to lean new things.

2017-09-17 08:16


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