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Trip to Mamaru

Created by LeshaGloom

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Map Info

"Trip to Mamaru" - is a survival horror map by LeshaGloom, which takes place in 19 century.

In "Trip to Mamaru", you play a detective, who wakes up near to fortress Mamaru of the Algerian desert.

Many days have passed to travel there.

Where has expedition gone? What they were doing? Where is the orb of life?

Recreate the route of your path, collect scattered fragments of the past, and find orb of life - this is the only way to survive the merciless horror,that is about to consume you.

“Don't let yourself get angry. Don't let yourself be afraid."

This map is the sequel to "Trip to Brennenburg"

map version 1.17+

Map features:
-multiplayer support
-custom animations and models
-creepy ambience
-intense chases, simple parkour and easy puzzles



Map Details

Creator: LeshaGloom
(282 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.17.1
Size: 71.8 MB
Added: 2021-12-06
Downloads: 3,946
Category: Horror Maps


XS0UL Not very scary at all, but it's well-made apart from the broken English and grammar.

2022-01-05 22:26

LeshaGloom Quoting Jocyes Johnny:
are there jumpscares in this map?

Quoting Flying Pig:
Where is the spawn? It didn't spawn us at the right place... I think.


2022-01-02 20:32

Jocyes Johnny are there jumpscares in this map?

2021-12-31 13:41

Flying Pig Where is the spawn? It didn't spawn us at the right place... I think.

2021-12-31 11:26

KeyDevy Hello and this map was actually pretty good!

I did make a map gameplay on this and I put the time and effort for my edits! Anyways, good job!

Here is the video: https://youtu.be/Vl1WU6u0jXY

2021-12-23 16:55

SeriousCraft Hey trolls! actually thank you! i don't care how much 1stars it get, but look how much votes map get thanks to you!

2021-12-16 15:59

SeriousCraft so i got blackvoted by discord trolls

2021-12-15 13:30

mally I didn't think this map was great :( It wasn't very interactive in the sense that all you did was walk down a hallway, open a chest then unlock another hallway so you could open another chest to unlock another hallway for the entire map. I was spawned in the wrong spot, and because your gamemode is constantly being set to adventure, you're unable to fly around and find the right spot, though luckily I found it using commands. There is very very little horror element other than abuse of constant darkness and some neat custom models that are included in the resource pack, though I do suspect the resource pack is taken from somewhere else and used without the author's permission. There is also one growl sound being played over and over which is very annoying and not even remotely scary when you've heard it 30 or 40 times while walking through an empty room. There were also tons of written books that were tedious to read and didn't contribute much. It wasn't all bad though; The story was interesting and I thought the builds were neat and I did enjoy the texture pack regardless. I especially liked the audio recordings which really contributed to the atmosphere. I can tell a lot of thought and effort was put into making this so I feel bad leaving a negative review but I really can't recommend this if you want a scary and engaging experience

2021-12-13 21:19

Sadult The map was broken from the start and required commands to get into the spawn area. It's filled with diaries in every room but none of it makes sense because they are all in broken English. There wasn't really anything scary about it considering it was labeled as a horror map. Sounds were all over the place and extremely loud and repetitive for no reason. After finally making it to the final room, it basically ends in the least anti climatic way possible with no explanation about what happened. It was a waste of time and I don't recommend playing it.

2021-12-13 21:17

Azure This map was really cool, loved the animation, the textures and everything. I wish to see more of this, with a better items recognization. Use keys instead of placing lever, important items need colored description and name.More innovative interactive puzzles, more spooky events! There is so much more opportunities for a such map!

2021-12-13 17:44

Azure I see, the first map is inspired from Amnesia:The dark descent and this one from Amnesia:Rebirth . That's really cool

2021-12-13 16:52

LeshaGloom disable all mods, people nowadays...

2021-12-12 17:02

Chairlie Absolutely love this map so far. Very polished and engaging. My only issue is that you do not allow creative mode at any time. I have had this disease for the last 10 years and it affects my ability to think so well. If I can't finish a map (ie right now I can't get past the pig monster because it is so dark I can't see what to do next) I like to have the option to give myself some torches or something so that I can finish it because I'm curious to see the end. I don't see what the point is in punishing those who are less good at gaming by totally removing the option for creative mode. :(

2021-12-12 04:45

Splaginty Thats a fantasic Map. I had lots of fun playing and getting chased around the the monsters was terrifying!!!

2021-12-11 15:35

UncrownedKing Wrong spawn

2021-12-10 01:23

aaa Very spoooky map, was scared

2021-12-06 21:55

LeshaGloom Quoting danny719:
didnt spawn right

Hey! play without any mods, except optifine, make sure to play on minecraft version 1.17.1 JAVA

or send me a video with your problem

2021-12-06 21:45

LeshaGloom and make sure to ENABLE command blocks

2021-12-06 20:37

LeshaGloom Hey guys! remember to double check RESOURCES.zip is in server's texturepack, if you playing CO-OP and other people not downloading map!

2021-12-06 20:30

danny719 didnt spawn right

2021-12-06 19:49


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