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The Follower

Created by Blackskull3

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Map Info:
You feel safer when you are in a familiar place, but what if you aren't. The Follower is a Puzzle-Horror map that utilizes the vanilla minecraft sounds and blocks without a resource pack, but instead with new elements of surprise and subtle creepiness.

This map consists of the main character being cast into a deep cave without being known why.  And when he realizes that this isn't any ordinary cave, he can't turn back.  He begins to hallucinate and dream of things that aren't there.  Falling.  Falling into the dream's control.

I sure worked hard on this map, so I hope the experience is as good as I thought it would be!

It is made for singleplayer only.

The playtime is about 45 minutes, but it can be played multiple times.

Please do not be surprised if the some displays from invisible armor stands disapper. This is a current bug in 1.8, and from what I know, It cannot be fixed just yet.

Map Details

Creator: Blackskull3
(103 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.8.6
Size: 1.6 MB
Added: 2015-06-27
Downloads: 46,491
Category: Horror Maps


+3 NadiNikki Quoting teamLeo123:
Im still at the begining and cant get out of the cave. lol Someone please help. (And no Im not new to minecraft, Ive been playing for 3-4 years haha)

I have the same problem lol ;D

2017-01-27 04:47

+3 A Minecraft Player Where are the water bottles for the skeleton's soup?

2016-11-13 08:26

+3 Fred071202 I did a playthrough of your map! You can watch it below if you want.


2016-10-03 07:44

+1 iExoticCraft I finished all the parts except the one where you go outside and you see the follower's statue, how do I get out of that?

2016-09-04 06:55

+1 Flamechar33 Help I am stuck on the soup part. I do not know what to do and I can hear a zombie somewhere.

2016-03-20 15:30

0 Blackskull3 Catlin, the last piece of iron is in a furnace on the second floor
Smile, ;)
Aaron, here is a playthrough link, maybe this'll help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOebRt5JnyM

2016-02-19 23:50

+2 Aaron I'm stuck at the recipe and I cant figure out how to make it.

2015-12-16 00:25

+1 Smile Awesome, loved it, amazing! :D

2015-12-08 00:09

+2 catlin I don't know how to get the last piece or iron at the beginning

2015-11-29 21:24

+2 Blackskull3 Thanks sonicfan0001 I don't think I've played any of ur maps but maybe I will XD

No problem KingDarren7203. It makes me feel good that I can make difference.

2015-11-15 14:08

+2 KingDarren7203 I guess I'm here just to thank you. If you never made this map, you would have never inspired me to make my map series the mine, and the miner. I took inspiration from your map BlackSkull3. Thanks!

2015-11-13 00:42

+1 sonicfan0001 Hey there Blackskull3,
I'm glad to say that I enjoyed your map. Just thought I'd leave a brief review here. :)
It reminded me a lot of RPG maker horror games with the odd puzzles and whatnot, which I'm a fan of. While the map wasn't terrifying or anything, there were one or two times when I got nervous.
The puzzles were fun, the gameplay was nice and everything worked perfectly fine.
Back on the RPG maker puzzle front, the main one that reminded me of them was the soup one. I'll say no more so as not to spoil it for people, but it was very reminiscent of most of those kinds of horror games.
Overall fun and cool, glad I played it.
Good job. :)
-Fellow Mapmaker sonicfan0001

2015-11-04 01:26

-2 RS_Mind Quoting Benjamin:
I have some problems with random resets. 1. often occur when opening the first door with the redstone and piston. I get reset back to start. Or if using the map it sometimes reset.

Were you right clicking the button/lever with the map? If so then that's the problem.

2015-11-01 05:17

+1 Book_Warrior7 I loved this map, gave me a good couple of scares, but it was a cool map and I showed it to my friend and she loved it too. I was wondering how you did the Redstone torch below the player when they hold a "flashlight" thing, 'cause that was amazing!

2015-10-31 02:32

0 Blackskull3 teamLeo123 you "un-extend" the piston while at the same time jump back from the extended piston, revealing a button next to that iron door.

2015-10-31 00:29

+3 teamLeo123 Im still at the begining and cant get out of the cave. lol Someone please help. (And no Im not new to minecraft, Ive been playing for 3-4 years haha)

2015-10-30 02:02

-2 nicchicco really nice, I died like 3 times... kitchen is funny and I was very scared by the Follower! beautiful, awesome map!

2015-10-11 09:26

+2 RachieWho Excellent game-play. First horror-themed map I've played and I was skeptical. Definitely was pleasantly (and horrifyingly) surprised.

2015-10-10 01:55

+4 The_Rubix_Cuber I'm stuck at the part before the kitchen, pls help!!!

2015-10-04 14:39

+2 Devetious7 Nice job! Even though it was a little short... I liked the part when the guy floated to heaven XD 10/10 Oh and I hate pop-ups so it was scary..

2015-09-07 22:15

+1 Helpme The minecart ride isn't working!!!!

2015-09-04 02:22

0 Chase J. I appreciate the Real Wisconsin Cheese ingredient in Mac n Chees Recipe ;) Other than that Im stuck at the part trying to make mama's soup. Im in the front yard of the house and don't know where to go... help cx

2015-08-13 01:54

+4 Wolfspear Quoting nick101782:
I put the 2 bottles of water on the stove after boil i throw the carrots, the mushroom ,secrets scauce mix, knife ,baked botato and bowl and it's don't do the mama's soup how i can do the mama's soup

You have to throw the bucket in the stove as well, the "pot"

2015-07-21 03:53

+1 nick101782 I put the 2 bottles of water on the stove after boil i throw the carrots, the mushroom ,secrets scauce mix, knife ,baked botato and bowl and it's don't do the mama's soup how i can do the mama's soup

2015-07-17 15:08

+5 KingDarren7203 BTW This map needs a sequel. Its too good to end at one map.

2015-07-15 22:46

+2 KingDarren7203 Nice map!
Everything was great but dropping the items to create things was a little hard to get. I think somewhere in the beginning you should say that so it is easier to understand.

Other than that, this thing was awesome!

2015-07-14 19:05

+1 XxSumixX awesome map! it made me jump at the jump scares tho :P
really cool map! =D

2015-07-14 16:11

+3 Ender_Pearl_15 :D awesome map ik its all commands but i jumped real easy on this i played it 12:00 at night...

2015-07-10 03:23

0 EpicElite3 Cool map! Check out my let's play here: https://youtu.be/9K72GciyaiE

2015-07-09 14:20

+3 Abby5577 Hey, awesome map! I loved the part when you saw the pumpkin man through the window, and you go through the door and he's gone! I was going to play it on my own, but after that part, I re-started the map and made a Let's Play. The first part's going to be on my channel Abby5577 in a bit after it's done uploading. 10/10 would play again!

2015-07-08 15:49


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