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Ran Out

Created by Simon_Bakes

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Map Info

  • The map support only 1 player.
  • Set brightness to max.
  • Render distance 10+ Chunks.
  • The length of the map is about 7minutes(pretty short)
  • No mods are required.


  • If your gamemode didn't get set to adventure mode please type /gamemode adventure @p.

If you didn't spawn in the lobby please use this command /tp @p 8 5 8


Map Details

Creator: Simon_Bakes
(66 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 5.2 MB
Added: 2021-01-06
Downloads: 530
Category: Horror Maps

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0 a this is great

2021-01-12 09:32

+1 strqwberry So while I was on a break before class I decided to see the maps on minecraft.I saw this one and it look interesting so I gave it a try.I loved the beginning and it was beautiful.But it was short.I figured it out in five minutes instead of 7.And I didn't have any jumpscares like I wanted it to.But it was nice,short,and didn't give me a heart attack.This is a good master piece!☺️

2021-01-11 16:35

0 Zae this was too short and a waste of my time

2021-01-11 04:42

0 Mary Can I make a video about your map and post it on YouTube?

2021-01-11 02:44

0 amightybeard This is an absolutely wonderful map. Bake Studios is where it's at.

Here's my playthrough:

2021-01-10 20:11

0 Sebastian F. Enrique A casual map... good

2021-01-09 18:24

0 OcToPuS470 This was really short, but as a horror map I found it fun. (also: for people scared of horror maps, let me assure you this one is not that scary)

Keep up the good work!


2021-01-08 18:23

0 Inapek Awesome map waiting for next parts or other map like this: short and with scary atmosphere. For me 10/10 map.

2021-01-07 23:40

0 SayberPlays Hey! I really enjoyed your map, even though it was on the shorter end I could tell there was a lot of work put into it. I uploaded a video to YouTube acting as almost a Walkthrough just in case anyone gets stuck & to promote the map. Feel free to check it out!

2021-01-07 16:25

0 Bob from Minnesota I don't mind short maps, but this one was over before it even started.


2021-01-07 15:29


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