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Created by PatotatoMan

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So please support me as Map Developer by download from adf.ly >>> Click Here <<< wait 5 second then click Continue. Very Simple but very helpful :D

PatotatoMan, author of Demon Brain and Pacheco's Hell has returned with a new promising map. A horror adventure of constant terror and action in the purest style of PatotatoMan's previous projects in Minecraft.

This map was made with all my love, a gift for the fans and exclusively for you Minecraft players.

You can give your opinion in the comment box of what you think of this horror map and whether you would recommend it.


  • This map must be played in Minecraft version 1.16.5
  • There are no player limits to play the map! But everyone must start together.
  • The map includes the resource pack (it's mandatory to use it)
  • Play with a render of 10 chunks.
  • Read the rules included in the map.

Play quietly, explore everything and have fun!

I am a Spanish mapmaker, this translation may have some spelling mistake.


Map Details

Creator: PatotatoMan
(1728 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 106 MB
Added: 2021-02-02
Downloads: 132,491
Category: Horror Maps

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+14 MVPBlock1230 Cool map! Scary but not has a jumpscare (which is good)

2021-04-17 08:38

+6 Zakkeus How did you get invisible signs or what were those???

2021-04-16 16:05

-5 NEOMeifwa I will probably get downvotes for this but it needs to be said. Having played and recorded every map you have come out with and made available this one isn't one of the best ones. Its got a great story and great minecraft effects but what killed me was some major issues. First one was in the sewer. After throwing lever A and B the underneath opened up. Swimming down I got stuck on the stairs 5 times. It wouldn't let me swim out. Then the pufferfish got sucked in and made it impossible to get through. Dealing with that wasn't too bad but it was the maze that finally did me in. With the beast all around I kept dying (you cant damage them making having weapons pointless) then disaster struck as they all cluttered up in the entrance of the maze. I was stuck. With no other option i went into creative, walked past, and went to adventure. You cannot outrun them. Forget the invisibility cause that flat out didn't work for me in the slightest. I think if that had not happened I could have probably enjoyed the map to its fullest but afterwards my taste was damaged. You may now downvote me if you like :) but the creator needs to know of this issue

2021-04-16 01:12

+3 lordskyjr The easter egg of this map is fantastic, and the history too, congrats!

2021-04-15 01:51

+15 Shrek Best map i'ver played in my life

2021-04-15 01:50

+2 Hunter Ward Quoting ExpertCoder14:
Leaves me wondering what would have happened if I exceed the gas time limit! Would I have had to start the entire map over?

Yes you would. I believe you would also have to redownload it.

2021-04-14 13:34


2021-04-14 12:52

0 Its meZenna how much health does Bebal have in Ch 2?

2021-04-10 00:53

0 Its meZenna I can't find courtyard, how to get to it?

2021-04-09 23:18

-3 Its meZenna Its not to scary for me though...

2021-04-09 23:17

+1 Broken___Life i need to say i tried 2 time and the 2 time i was blocked at the chapter 2, but i opened all the valve tought...idk what to do now..
is there any advice? to how can i go far in the story than the chapter 2...
ty and good day..

2021-04-05 14:27

+1 Rasid Nice game

2021-04-05 11:04

+2 Silyn I wanted to congratulate you and your partners for your incredible work. I just finished the map with my friends and it was a great experience. The Storytelling is just perfect, we had chills. Continue like this, we will be delighted to test more of your maps! Thank you very much for your poetry and your titanic work!

Enjoy :D

2021-04-04 22:12

+15 otherAPb Amazing map thanks you !

2021-04-04 17:46

+12 SIRYEETSALOT Dude, why is this map so scary!!!

2021-04-03 21:34

+9 ExpertCoder14 Leaves me wondering what would have happened if I exceed the gas time limit! Would I have had to start the entire map over?

2021-04-03 01:21

+6 Mixling Greetings PatotatoMan! This map was very enjoyable and a little bit difficult to play since the monsters were killing me so fast.

2021-04-02 16:13

-44 tu madre this map was decent but you really messed up the mechanics because no one knew that you couldnt kill any of the NPCs and there was not enough pvp aspect considering the final chapter was called "Fighting the final villager". Also the storyline was built up well but ended like ur mierda, fat and stinky. Doesnt make any sense and u added too much text, tryna play a game not read an essay. like please fix up the ending wtf are u doing.
tu madre es ijo de puta
te gusta mucho como mierda

2021-03-29 15:24

+22 MysticCoyote Hello there,

Sorry to be formal just used to this formatting when writing these! Anyway! I must say this has been the most amazing map I had ever played so far! Story, the epicness, the skins, the concept. Just ALL in this was amazing! PLEASE keep making more! I had made a video of this to show more about this! Please do have a watch to enjoy this map in it's fullest! AND OF COURSE PLAY IT!


Thank you for your time,

- MysticCoyote

2021-03-29 01:41

+6 gimmeminecraft nice jumscares

and i played at day because i'm a scaredy cat :(

2021-03-28 12:11

+8 yamir I watch rageelixir play this map I was scared as heck

2021-03-27 20:07

+6 bertram_axen i hope it was only me but the map broke at the part with the dead man with a chain in his head

2021-03-26 21:45

+5 yosup Best map I've ever played

2021-03-26 18:58

+7 Speblet Jesus christ what a rush that was

2021-03-25 22:40

+6 lilfatchick Loved the meme, when I finished the map I spectated and found that gem. Very well done and very fun to play!!!

2021-03-25 18:08

+12 Liam 10/10 best horror map I've ever played

2021-03-25 15:43

+5 infynity This was undoubtedly the best map I've ever played and seen. Congrats, and a huge hug from Brazil

2021-03-24 18:16

+4 spider g the map is great and one of the best of yours I really enjoyed it but can you make a sequel. Becouse of cliffhanger at the end.
by the way I wanted to get premit from you PatotatoMan becouse I wanted to make a animation about the story of the map and a fan made sequel.
So can you upload the models?

2021-03-23 16:40

+20 Aegean_Fusion I'm sorry to all the other maps ever made but this is arguably the best Minecraft map EVER MADE!!! Like this should be a movie. When I played this map I was astonished by the creativity gone into this map. There was a part I didn't like which was the part where if you get hit by him he ear rapes you but other than that this map was PERFEECT and I MEAN PERFECT!!!

2021-03-23 11:43

+6 Spider G. Thank you for inspiring me

2021-03-22 07:02


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