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Phasmophobia in Minecraft

Created by NeoMc external

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Warning: This map contains flashing lights, jumpscares, sudden and loud noises, spooky ambience, and creepy ghost textures. If you have epilepsy or any other medical condition, I highly recommend you avoid playing or viewing this map.

It is a beautiful day in Pawnee, IN! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and local residents are firing up their backyard grills. Residents lived in peace with one another and looked after the community. Crime was nonexistent, politics were pleasant, and things couldn't be better. It was paradise.

Fast-forward several years, and Pawnee is a ghost town. Homes stand dark and unoccupied. The streets are ominous and the air is filled with supernatural energy. No person in their right mind would even consider visiting this death trap.

And that's where you come in! Journalists are trying to find "crews" to investigate the hauntings reported by the former residents and to collect evidence for their articles. Since the demand for paranormal evidence has skyrocketed, you decided to drop out of college (don't actually do that) and pursue an exciting career as a paranormal investigator! Your task is to establish contact with the ghost haunting each location and try to determine what kind of ghost it is! Should you succeed, you will be paid handsomely!

But be warned! Ghosts typically don't enjoy visitors and have been known to become incredibly violent. It might be best to flee before you overstay your welcome, or there could be dire consequences!

More information (how to play, guides, etc) available at https://www.neomccreations.com/maps/phasmophobia.

Required Resource Pack: https://bit.ly/3vgTY1V


Map Details

Creator: NeoMc external
(430 votes)
Version: 1.13
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 11 MB
Added: 2021-03-15
Downloads: 40,689
Category: Horror Maps

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0 TZ can there be more than 4 players on this map?

2021-10-13 14:31

0 shawn me and my friend have been playing this and its working fine but for some reason we get no secondary items?? do we need to play with more people for it to add those? its only us 2

2021-10-05 00:13

+3 Remus how to put book down and turn flashlight ?

2021-10-02 10:00

+5 TzHardcore does it need 4 player to start a game? and does it need any mod?

2021-09-11 11:10

+6 Spencer i can't, im locked in the lobby

2021-09-11 05:06

+3 NEOMeifwa Pretty Good Map! My friends and I made a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNOBE6UNniM We did have a little hard time with each individual item working (even after reading the 4-5 books LOL) but once we figured it out it became easy even in professional mode. Well done

2021-09-03 18:23

+3 wiatrakowskyy what difficulty I need to set on server???

2021-08-30 11:58

+5 Tornadodex This map is absolutely spectacular! Its a total blast to play with friends. I beg you to keep adding new maps and content to this. It's so amazing!

2021-08-24 19:49

+3 iEMANUELL Quoting The Darkness:
Are This Map Compatible To Multiplayer?

Yes, it is

2021-08-11 10:05

+6 epic great map but id like an update, + the emf reader gets random during haunts in phasmophobia and it would be epic to have this here

2021-08-04 15:29

+5 CorBear2 This map is awesome! Super fun to play with friends. You perfectly captured the Phasmophobia feel in this, great job. Is this map still being updated? I would love to have some more maps like the High School and the Prison

2021-08-03 18:31

+6 iEMANUELL That's the greatest map ever, I like him.

2021-07-22 09:18

+7 Tekotok I LIKE THIS GAME i ever play Phasmophobia! :)

2021-07-20 01:12

+4 Felipe Quoting Rtv_vader:
great map but how can i turn on the flashlight pls help

You cant, if the flash light are in you inventory you dont get blid

2021-07-10 15:30

+6 Moriartti Hello, the map is awesome!! My friends and I enjoy playing it a lot. I just noticed one thing. The EMF never reaches 5, it was always 3 whenever it activates. So most of the time we guess a ghost, we don't pick the one with an EMF 5 evidence. However, when we finish a game, it ends up with a ghost with an EMF 5. I hope you guys can check it out, thank youuuuu :>

2021-07-03 15:47

0 Twixiox Please add placing EMF Reader on the floor.

2021-07-03 12:44

+4 Rtv_vader great map but how can i turn on the flashlight pls help

2021-06-29 18:12

+6 MrPopsy Hi! Me and my friends LOVE playing this map and it's very cool that someone made a map based on a popular game... But I've been playing it for a while now and it's getting repetitive because of the limited maps.. I want the prison and other buildings to be finished but that's fine I guess. We could wait another month or possibly year to play again...

2021-06-24 11:19

+3 cj Quoting The Darkness:
Are This Map Compatible To Multiplayer?

Yes, you can play up to 4 plays i believe. its more fun with more people too!

2021-06-23 22:22

+6 posa great map! is there anywhere we can follow you for updates, if you're making the other maps available in the game?

2021-06-17 21:02

+3 TheNameIsRwac_ Great map! Waiting for the updates. Disappointed only with ghost mechanics. Very inconsistent. Sometimes it can hunt for 30 secs to a whopping 1 min and 10 secs. This inconsistency is not appreciable as looping and outrunning is very challenging as the ghost is just about slower than player and if you mess up in running it will catch you, with the extra its freaking hell. It also can break doors and even the closets. The ghost also goes straight for the player, despite breaking line of sight. I had once a ghost in the garage in Edgefield and I was hiding in the locker in the hallway on the second floor. First 10 seconds, ghost was downstairs. Next thing I know, ghost was outside my door and just whacked it down and killed me instantly. I also had a ghost spawn at the entrance of the house??
Overall, good map and I thoroughly enjoyed. I got it on a realm for my friends and at the end of the 30 days I had hit level 352. Forgot cash amount. Putting Phas mc on hold till new maps! So pls Neo, keep doing what you are doing and we would all enjoy the masterpiece you made :)

2021-06-07 03:16

+2 Daz3e Amazing map! It's legit awesome ngl. Tho I get stuck in the camera a lot, hopefully that can be fixed!

2021-05-26 03:56

+2 LeSpaghettiMeme Please update the mod and add the "coming soon" levels.. I know it takes timke but I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH but it gets boring a little because of the same maps..

2021-05-23 04:42

+1 me Quoting me:
does this map support multiplayer

yeah it does

2021-05-17 17:45


2021-05-08 03:58

+1 yeah Me and my friends were playing and all the sudden enderman, bats, etc kept spawning and we thought nothing of it till we joined a new server and he ofc died like 10 times from nothing, we once again joined a new game and it was normal and i was saying if these trollers spawn bats in im done 5 mins later they ended up spawning bats i kept talking in the vc and i could tell he tracked my audio and stuff, then my friends wifi stopped working for no reason meaning he got ddoxed playing this game! please be careful playing it!

2021-05-03 22:49

+2 Mama how do I invite me friends to play in the game with me?

2021-05-02 04:42

+1 Skys Love it :)) the only thing is that when we die I just want the jump scare to be a bit scarier.
Quoting Joe:
Map seems pretty great so far, however, some items like the flashlight and camera won't turn on and it's breaking the game for me Please help?

also just use optifine the flashlight will turn on when you hold it you don't need to turn the camera or flashlight on. For the camera just shift+right click to place it down. No further setup

2021-04-28 14:58

+1 edyb01 ok, I just played on Tanglewood Professional, ghost was in Utility, but I got a question.
why have you not made it so the ghost would try to look for someone during a haunt rather than just go to the target and murder it when he/she was hiding? that's the charm of closets, you know?
great map nonetheless

2021-04-12 22:07

+2 zmWoob Is this map broken? I'm playing solo, on 1.16.4, with the required resource pack and yet it spawns me in a black box with pigs on the other side. May I know what's causing this? I'm not playing on a server.

2021-04-11 05:08


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