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No Words

Created by TheKing156

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Map Info

Warning: This map contains jumpscares.

Welcome to the horror!

Hey you! Welcome to the Horror map "No Words" It's a single-player 1.8.8 Horror map. This means you can expect an exciting and sad story, a dark atmosphere, jumpscares and lovingly furnished environment..

Turn off your lights and put yourself in the situation of a man with thousand problems ...

Do not be afraid ... otherwise she (?) will get you...

Here is a trailer for you!

Have fun!

Resource Pack Credits

This is a mix of different texturepacks by TheKing156

Thanks to:

Map Details

Creator: TheKing156
(1594 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 28 MB
Added: 2016-04-07
Downloads: 59,786
Category: Horror Maps


-6 ShadowDream Great Map, I played this with my friend.I liked this but my friend did not like.
My Rate:8/10
My friend rate:5/10

2017-11-05 07:17

+11 iXalTar thx for this minecraft map horreur it was amazing !!!!

2017-03-04 11:28

+9 girlcat Who will get me WHO! she
Who is she!? spooky

2017-02-06 16:21

0 creeper_kid05 This map is awesome it scared the crap out of me. this is my favorite horror map ever thanks theking and vanillaburp you guys rule :)

2017-01-22 18:40

+4 EntertainmentCentral I loved this game. Great job. I was jump-scared several times. Thank you for making this map! It was a great map.
My No Words Gameplay:
My YouTube Channel:

2016-11-02 11:45

+8 lasoHD This is the best map, that I have ever played

2016-10-31 21:54

+4 MeowMix this map was spooky and creepy ;-; and awesome map, too keep it up and additionally my friend and I made a amazing video :D

2016-10-26 01:13

-7 HERO Is any of the music copyrighted? To be more specific, the James B. Summers song in the beginning, the piano song, and any other song in the map. Thanks in advance :P

2016-10-22 02:09

+4 CarnikHD This map is very cool

2016-10-07 17:54

-4 Psyhco Gurl Please help I think I might have broken the map and now I'm stuck in a room with no doors and I went in creative and accidentally broke the piano thingy but I replaced it and now idk what to do. The room had two chairs in the middle and like four saplings on either side...-? help meh

2016-09-05 12:40

+4 Markio This map is amazing! Thanks for this map. :3

2016-09-03 15:32

+2 Matyrixx For a German Playtrough check out my Video
one of the best maps i played so far, nice work!

2016-08-26 10:52

+6 Bert_Bones Awesome map! Great story! Its both scary AND fun! I recorded a two part series on this map! You can watch part one Here: ! Hope you like my video! I really recommend this map! 10/10 would play again.

2016-08-14 21:50

-1 Trainbug721 I just finished a lets play on this map. Here is the link:
An awesome map man! Great Job!

2016-08-01 22:02

+2 [email protected]_y This map was awesome! The jumpscares really got me lol, especially when u don't know when to expect them... I've made a letsplay on it! You can check it out if u want (2 parts, this is part 1):
pretty cringey at the start :v

2016-07-24 12:29

+7 Bon_MC XD your map so cool
420/10 dude, keep it up !

2016-07-16 03:05

+10 Pewpastank I really loved this map. I may or may not have broken it somehow in the beginning... But here's me screwing up the whole thing =P

2016-07-02 19:37

+10 megawolf50 that was a cool map with a good story

2016-06-30 19:29

+5 ashwin Nice story. remember to love my family all time

2016-06-30 07:10

+7 Freezie Holy! This is amazing.. I love when people can handle redstone work

2016-06-28 22:13

+4 SnazzyPickle Amazing map! Very unique story and the jump scares were quite scary. Keep it up!

2016-06-24 01:41

+7 Mukasagi OMG this map was so scary. The jump scares are amazing and the sounds were so scary. I love this map. 10/10 dude. Really nice Map.

2016-06-22 21:03

+4 MinecraftHorror One of the best horror maps i ever played. I liked sounds and story a lot. I hope you'll build another map like this.

2016-06-15 13:51

+4 iball_642 Best horror map I've played in a while! great work 10/10, very scary keep up the good work (=

2016-06-11 18:33

+4 SkyeStark I got up to the face jumpscare and quit...

Jesus, I think you just killed me. 10/10 for everything I saw up until then though :)

2016-06-10 22:45

+4 _ErnestPlaysMC_ Quoting Silence:
Wow this map is just awesome! Jumpscares are really good too. And it's so sweet at the end omg
I'd like to see more from ya!
wait can u tell me what happens at the end? i cant do it my self because i get nightmares easily..

2016-06-10 20:27

+7 Sn00p Epic map good story epic game play nice atmosphere and sounds AMAZING map !

2016-06-10 08:25

+5 FOXTNT That was a rely good map!!!!!! :)

2016-06-09 13:13

+5 Bud_Finski This map was SOOOOO scary! It all happens when you least expect it..... DONT TURN AROUND.....

2016-06-03 03:34

0 Markoodle This map is amazing, it had me scared sooo many times. the creator is amazing and i hope he keeps bringing more fantastic maps out. I made a video on it if anyone would like to see what its all about -

2016-05-29 18:00


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