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Created by MineMakers, NewHeaven

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The MineMakers Team and NewHeaven are proud to present you their new Horror map: Late!

You're late to work, and lack of sleep. After falling asleep in your office, you wake up alone there, with a corpse next to you. Your mind appears to have left you, like the others. 

  • More than 500 models and textures!
  • An amazing voice acting made by amazing people!
  • One hour of immersive gameplay!

(and the resource pack is included in the map)

Original link

Good luck and have fun!


Map Details

Creator: MineMakers, NewHeaven
(1423 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12
Size: 36 MB
Added: 2017-10-21
Downloads: 89,927
Category: Horror Maps


+749 Diane Can I play with friends?

2019-08-03 19:20

+14 CrazyKidProductions i do i press the buttons in the elevator plez

2019-07-29 21:07

+28 pls help I lag on the part where the books start to fall on you and it lags so bad I cant get past it

2019-06-07 03:33

-2 DinosAreLife This map was good, but the creature or whatever it was wasn't scary, it was just plain annoying, especially when I had to try to move boxes to escape. The fact that there was not a single car to hide under in that section is stupid.

2018-06-22 20:18

+47 DinosAreLife I'd like to point out that even though this page says 1.12, the world itself says 1.12.2 so I'd advise you to change it so players don't get confused.

2018-06-22 19:08

+21 Uncommon I've found out three endings, not including the deaths throughout, just the three at the very end. Is there any more endings I can get, or a secret one?

2018-05-30 00:44

+23 SomeTsea Best map ever along with Terra Swoop Force. Super scary too :) 600000/10

2018-05-09 04:20

+12 Mahjaa hey guys,
sorry for my bad english ;)

i'm jumping out of the Window - and spawned here : https://abload.de/img/2018-05-06_10.31.37r4sai.png: http://abload.de/image.php?img=2018-05-06_10.31.37r4sai.png

If it doesn't work: https://abload.de/img/2018-05-06_10.31.37r4sai.png

I can't do anything?

2018-05-06 08:41

+8 xSarah Played this map on my realm and it was OUTSTANDING. The only flaw is when jumping out of the office window, I would occasionally spawn in the void and fall out of the map. Otherwise, I love it!

2018-04-12 15:58

+25 rosemeister resource pack is not working

2018-02-25 03:38

+15 TO_XD Im trying to play this map on multiplayer, it took so long to put it :P hope it works!

2018-02-15 15:10

+27 Rocky I need help. I am using a realm for this but the resource pack is not included. If there is anything you can do like send me a link for it please do. Thank you :D

2018-02-11 16:02

+10 Rei Hackerstone Only his dream... It's scary

2018-02-04 10:48

+16 Robotickid237 This is a outstanding map. I would like to ask if it was at all possible if I could use some of your custom textures for my map I'm making. I will make sure to give you all the credit that is necessary and I will even place a link where people can find the map and play it. what ever you guys need from me so I would be able to use the textures. like I said above all credit for the models will be towards the team of makers

please reply when possible because I would like to start the map by 1/35/18
thank you

2018-01-30 01:17

+6 LuckyHMB The parking lot one was the best scare of the whole game. I was horrified the entire time. Best horror map AND map I've evr seen SO much effort into for the Horror Genre. Insanely organized and well planned. Should be played by horror map seekers.

2018-01-05 05:28

-3 LuckyHMB Best map ever played OMG so many jumpscares. The clown looking one got me the best TWICE.

2018-01-05 05:24

-4 SassyAngel I am amazed by this map! I play so many Minecraft horror maps and very rarely do you come across one like this! I haven't finished the map yet as I am recording it for YouTube in two separate parts. So far I have ran into a couple minor problems, but it in no way was that bad to change my views on this map. I am so excited to continue it and see what happens next! If you are interested the video link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAB5f4vVUZY Thanks so much! :D

2018-01-04 23:30

0 Tedii oml, this was amazing.. honestly i'm hiding under one of the cars rn because i'm scared to leave. ;-; I was telling my friends about this map while playing it, because i have anxiety and get scared so freaking easily xD! but they could not tell it was minecraft, and i kept freaking out about how scared I was. My only complaint is that when the books fall on you, (i dunno if it's just me) but I lag really bad and it took forever to get past d:.
Otherwise it's an amazing map, no others like it! ^u^

2017-12-29 03:11

+8 Rammus I want to learn how you guys did that... but i cant find the command block :P can anyone help

2017-12-28 16:28

+5 PoisonMemory What order do I need to do to get all of the endings?

2017-12-18 20:53

+5 therealfamroMC whenever i load the map, i press play on the /title screen, but i die after it says stay in first person, i see a button in the air, but
i'm too far away to press it, what am i supposed to do? help me!

2017-12-10 22:30

+4 Bodysock Hi, how do I get out of the part where the books fall on my head?

2017-12-02 18:18

+1 Bodysock Quoting ShePlaysToo365:
Help!! I can't get passed the part where the books fall on my head.

Me too! Can anyone help me?

2017-12-02 18:14

+3 WalrusMapper Ok, so best horror map I have ever played. It in some parts got so scary that I closed the game and had to start all over again xd

2017-12-02 10:26

+4 HELP I'm on the part were the guy pushed me down the stairs what do i do next?

2017-11-24 15:28

+3 DyingNewt How do I get out of the elevator, i'm stuck. I pressed the button things but the doors still wouldn't open. Please help.

2017-11-24 14:53

+4 HELLO Quoting Hi:
Where can I find The vents?

I cant find them either dont feel bad but seriously where are they!!!! :P

2017-11-23 22:17

0 amazing Such a fun game so far but I cant find the air vents! :P Where are those AIR VENTS!!!

2017-11-23 22:15

+1 MysticCoyote THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING MAP! IT'S LIKE IT'S NOT EVEN MINECRAFT! I had to record this! Take a look everyone!!!


Thanks :D

2017-11-23 12:33

+12 SSRcool When I jumped out the window I spawned in this garage and then I fell out of the world and died- so I respawned, I spawned over a pumpkin grove with a sign on a tree that said "Start the game (left click)" I must have been standing on barriers over the pumpkin grove.

2017-11-19 21:40


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