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Created by Jaspr

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You awaken inside of your house on a stormy Saturday night to the deafening sound of a knock on the front door. Reluctantly you make your way towards the door, however you soon realise that checking the door was a big mistake...


Insanity is a horror/adventure map created by Jaspr for Minecraft version 1.14.

Throughout the map your tolerance to scares will be tested, as well as your ability to beat puzzles, defeat enemies, and complete parkour.

Also don't forget to keep an eye out for the 12 Eye of Kunos, which will help you achieve the secret ending.

During testing Insanity took the average 2-3 hours to complete, depending on whether the secret ending was achieved.

This map is also completely vanilla! No resource maps are used.

Good Luck!


  • Brightness: Moody - 50%  (the lower the better)
  • Render Distance: 12
  • Shaders and Resource Packs: Off
  • Particles: All
  • Smooth Lighting: Maximum
  • Clouds: Off
  • Volume: The higher the recommended
  • Players: 1 player
  • FOV (Field of View): 90

 All rules will be detailed inside the map in the special 'Help Room' as well.


Jaspr: Map Creator

Finl125 & 4SkinXD: Small help


Map Details

Creator: Jaspr
(542 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 10.2 MB
Added: 2019-12-17
Downloads: 20,289
Category: Horror Maps

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+1 Mr.AndL Hi i like this map the jumpscares are amazing! I was scared, I will have Carpter 2! Nice Map!

2021-07-11 14:29

+3 Bruce_Wolfpaws 4/5. Really good map, would have 5/5 if the last section of the kuno boss had checkpoints for each part. Having to do insane parkour and then be instantly killed, only to be doing parkour again is kind of unfair to the player, as they have no idea what their supposed to do the first couple of times.

2020-06-28 09:37

-2 Noemailreq On the last stage when the house goes from good to bad you tp to where all the command blocks are its completely broken UGHH

2020-06-02 00:44

-11 NosebGR Do. Not. Play. This. Map... It kinda sucks

2020-05-26 12:57

+10 FoggyJarl is it multiplayer compatible?

2020-05-15 22:38

+12 FIN_Henrik i pressed the button when the fireplace opened i went in and im stuck here also i found sans there

2020-05-09 12:35

+7 loorex Is it playable for multiplayer?

2020-04-29 16:39

-1 YusufShoots Multiplayer?

2020-04-25 23:17

+2 MILET SO NICE MAP ! I luv end song :>

2020-04-25 19:14

-3 Ujesh Too scary I just got a heart attack!

2020-04-25 16:22

+3 RyGuy0321 It is an incredible map. One of the best I've ever played, however there is a bug (or maybe I just messed it up...) In the last trials with Kuno, on the parkour one I fell off and decided to use the "/kill" to reset the timer early. This, instead, completely destroyed the timer, I die within 10 seconds of respawning every time.
If you download this map, I would just refrain from using commands all together.

2020-04-25 01:47

+1 Elias Bro thank u so much for this map! U created a whole new Horror game in MC! Everything was perfect, the story, the commands, the sounds, the building.... I loved it!!! I would also love to see kinda like part 2 of Insanity or sth liek that, but i know its a lot of work to make such awesome maps. Thank u so much for Insanity!

2020-04-07 16:03

-1 FatCat326lbs a super-fast baby zombie fell in the gate (below ground) part of the arena and can't kill him. Needs to be fixed.

2020-04-02 02:49

+2 lol yo i cant do anything once in the thing inside the chimney help pls thanks

2020-03-30 10:53

-1 ryan make it two player

2020-02-26 22:40

-7 OROSPU Map was terrible, you can't get out from that maze. 1/10.000

2020-02-22 19:15

+1 Antonus Can we do the map on multyplayer ? I want to do this map with a friend

2020-01-25 15:48

+1 Facu14delcaf I can't pass it in the incomplete part of the hall, I don't know what to do. Thank you for reading.

2020-01-20 00:56

0 boyof100faces i cant get past the tunnel after answering the door! help! i think the redstone is broken

2020-01-12 01:20

+1 Jaspr You can find a full official walkthrough plus all the Eye of Kuno locations here:

2020-01-10 23:11

+2 Dragon_boy Im not even gonna mention that when you start playing you have a diamond sword with level 1000 sharpness on it

2020-01-09 16:46

+2 Jay R. Dis is da best map i ever done played in my whole damn LIFE!!!!!!!!

Jaspr is a true G!!

2020-01-09 03:03

+2 squid I got stuck in the part after you are in the house the second time. it is in a room made of bricks and this guy is staring at you through the water. nothing happened from this point on.

2020-01-08 00:05

+2 Jonobear This map is absolutely ASTONISHING to play! you really do not get enough credit for the amazing map you made... By far the BEST Minecraft map I have ever played, by far.

2020-01-04 01:43

+1 Harley Quinn Epilepsy warning before I start playing pls?

2019-12-30 20:28

+1 Blazefire2004 Arena is broken,i've completed Wave 3 and wave 4 doesnt spawn..like the game broke..im running all over the arena to trigger anything but nothing happens,fix it please

2019-12-26 13:45

+2 qwerty435 a lot of bugs

2019-12-22 14:53

+1 Great map! Incredible idea and this use of command blocks really blew my mind! There seemed to be some bugs and I admit, now and then I did have to cheat my way through some tasks, but kudos to you for creating this:)

2019-12-21 22:03

+1 Charity The game breaks after the second time you wake up in the house...

2019-12-21 03:43

+1 alex pretty good map, but there is still some flaws. like i somehow got outside of the map, and i also couldn't get the iron axe to break through the glass. also after the secret ending am i suppose to be in the dark area forever(trying not to spoil the secret ending).

2019-12-19 02:59


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